Holiday Challenge

Welcome Challenge Participants!

This is where you will enter your weight each Sunday.

Challenge rules:

  1. Challenge starts SUNDAY November 7th and ends SUNDAY December 19th.
  2. Please email a picture of you on the scale, on the FIRST and LAST week of the weigh in's. Have the subject of the email read "Holiday Challenge".
  3. Weigh in day is every SUNDAY, please make sure to enter your weight on this page by 8 pm east cost time SUNDAY night so that I can post your numbers for the week.
  4. The challenge prize will go to the biggest loser meaning the person who loses the most % of weight from their starting weight.
  5. We had an issue with people emailing me their weights in the past - Please let me know ahead of time if you will be on vacation or away and not have access to a scale/email. If I am not told you will be away, you have a 1 week by, after that you will be taken out of the challenge.

    Good Luck!

    Name (First name & Last initial) :

    Today's Weight:

    Weigh In Date:

    11/7/10 {Starting Weight}






    12/19/10 {Final Weight}

    ¡Please note that for your starting weight and the final weigh in you must also send an image of your scale to! 
    Please put "Holiday Challenge" in the subject line when submitting your scale photos.

    Email Address:


    I swear on Richard Simmon's short shorts that all information submitted is 100% true.

    Yes :)

    No :(

    Thank you!!
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