Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd Post

Good Morning, So it's been a week...not too much has happened. Last Tuesday I went to the hospital to meet my surgeon and to have my 2nd meeting with my nutritionist. My surgeon was sooo nice, I felt really comfortable with him. He discussed with me my different options for surgery, and I told him my reasoning for wanting Lap Band. We decided that it would be a good fit for me, and he addressed all my questions and concerns. Next I met with Karen, the nutritionist, and she weighed me...I only lost 2 lbs :( nothing was said about this though, so I guess I'm all set. She discussed my meal choices with me, and then I was on my way. Next I had to have blood work to test my thyroid, eeek. I am soooo not good with having blood work, I was balling my eyes out, but it was quick and easy. They said they would only call if there was a problem, its been a week so I'm guessing I'm in the clear.

My next step in this process is on July 13th. I start my 4 week behavioral classes, I have to go for (4) Monday's from 5:30-7, to learn about the different behavioral and mental things that come with getting weight loss surgery. These should be interesting.

I am getting very anxious about the whole insurance process. The nurse practitioner called me Friday to let me know Aetna would not approve me until they received more information. They needed my weight history and diet history. I don't know why she submitted my paperwork without my weight history, that seems kinda kooky to me. Today she should get all that information, and I'm not sure if she will re-submit it all right away or not. I hate not knowing anything about this process, it scares the crap out of me.

I think that's about it for now :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Blog 6/22/09

I've been reading a lot of people's blogs lately regarding their experiences with weight loss surgery, and have appreciated reading everyone's experiences so much that I figured I should document my journey. I hope that this not only helps people who are interested in surgery, but also for my own benefit to journal my success.

My experience as of today includes: I attended my Lap Band Seminar @ Lahey Clinic in Burlington MA with my mom on May 11, 2009, a few weeks later on 5/21 I had my first appointment at the hospital. This included an initial consult with a nutritionist, psychologist and nurse practitioner. After meeting with these 3 people it was concluded that I would be a great candidate for Lap Band Surgery. I was really nervous for this appointment because I didn't know what to expect, but it was so easy. The nutritionist just wanted to understand my eating and exercise habits, and make some changes to help me lose weight. She suggested I start cutting my meat portions down oz by oz until I was around 3oz with each meal. She also wanted to me mix up my exercise routine, try different equipment and work different muscles. The psychologist just asked family background questions, and determined if I was mentally prepared for surgery. The Nurse Practitioner basically just went over the surgery process with me, and my options.

The next step was to take a closer look into my insurance (aetna) This stated that I had to do a 3 month dr. supervised diet, which would bring us to an estimated August surgery date. Sounded good to me! About 3 weeks after this appointment, someone from the scheduling department @ the hospital called me with a surgery date, she asked if August 14th would work, of course it did! So basically if everything goes as planned with insurance, I will be an official bandster on 8/14/2009.

My next appointment is tomorrow 6/23, this is to meet my surgeon and also follow up with my nutritionist. I set a mini goal for myself @ the initial consult to lose 5lbs by this appointment. I have been doing really well, and I think I might achieve this. yay! I think this is a good start to my first blog entry, please let me know if you have any questions/comments! :)