Saturday, January 22, 2011

so I'm pretty much marrying superman!

Thank you all for all your kind words and support for rick and I these last couple of weeks. Rick's lapband surgery was yesterday morning. It was scheduled for 10:15, but they didn't actually take him in till about 11:30, which drove me insane! He got out of surgery around 1:15, and I was able to see him around 2:15. He was sitting up straight and told me he was 'bored' lol. He was still in the post-op area, and was staying there until an overnight room became available, so I was only able to stay with him for a few minutes. Around 5pm he finally got a room and was able to be moved. I took many walks with him, and his pain stayed around a 3. He never took any of the pain meds until last night @ bed time to help him sleep. I picked him up this morning, and we're now home. He is eating lots of jello and broth and has had 2 protein shakes. I can't believe how strong and alert he is right now, its amazing! I am so proud of him for taking this giant leap and I can't wait to watch him progress. He started his journey @ 317 lbs, day of surgery he was 299lbs. His goal is to be down 50lbs his first year, and 100lbs @ 3 years. He is going to knock these goals out of the park, and I'm very excited for him. Here is a picture of him 3 hours post op:

Love you all! I will continue to keep everyone posted! xxoo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what do you think?

Your call- Protein Shake or Mudslide?

If you guessed mudslide- YOUR WRONG! This is the super yummo protein shake I made Rick tonight for dinner. I have been trying to mix things up for him, so this was one packet vanilla, and one packet chocolate and I lined the glass with sugar free chocolate syrup. It looked so pretty!!

Here in New England we are having an insane snow storm, my city last reported 18 inches of snow. Both Rick and I got to work from home today, which was really nice!

I also had my un-fill scheduled for today and yup I beared the storm and made the trek to the hospital. My nurse practitioner agreed that I most likely am tight due to wedding stress and took out .4cc's. She also said if I want to see her closer to the wedding she will take a little bit more out for me if I'd like for our honeymoon :o) It feels so great to not have to stress about pb'ing on our wedding night lol.

I also asked her about the throat/esophageal cancer concern from PB'ing and Acid Reflux. She said that there has been no link between the band and cancer, but generally severe acid reflux has been known to result in esophageal cancer. This made me feel a lot better, because although I've been super tight and spitting up a lot I hardly ever have acid reflux. whew!

I hope everyone is bearing the weather and staying warm and safe. xxoo

Monday, January 10, 2011

alright you conviced me...

With all this talk about being to tight, acid reflux, throat cancer from pb'ing- I have made an appointment for a slight un-fill on Wednesday. I'm assuming with my wedding approaching quickly, I am going to be getting more and more stressed equalling more and more restriction. So small un-fill it is. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Quick update on Ricky- He started his liquid diet on Friday and is down 11lbs as of today. Lucky little bastard. He is really struggling with mind over matter, and not physically eating anything, but I keep telling him it will get better each day!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Back Story: While preparing for surgery, a lot of people would ask me what my goal was and I would respond: 'to fit into designer jeans' so for a congratulations gift my mom and dad got me a nordstroms gift card. Last Christmas I told other family member's I wanted a nordstrom gift card, because I was saving up to buy designer jeans once they fit.

Today: While playing online I was perusing and saw that they had a pair of Joe's Jeans on sale 40% off. They are size 32 petite. I've never even tried on designer jeans, but I feel like having these will be a great motivator. They might fit, they might give me a muffin top, I might not even be able to get them over my knees, who knows. All I know is that I will soon have my first pair of designer jeans, and that I WILL fit into these this year! Here is a picture of them, wish me luck, I will post pictures and a review once I receive them in the mail!