Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what do you think?

Your call- Protein Shake or Mudslide?

If you guessed mudslide- YOUR WRONG! This is the super yummo protein shake I made Rick tonight for dinner. I have been trying to mix things up for him, so this was one packet vanilla, and one packet chocolate and I lined the glass with sugar free chocolate syrup. It looked so pretty!!

Here in New England we are having an insane snow storm, my city last reported 18 inches of snow. Both Rick and I got to work from home today, which was really nice!

I also had my un-fill scheduled for today and yup I beared the storm and made the trek to the hospital. My nurse practitioner agreed that I most likely am tight due to wedding stress and took out .4cc's. She also said if I want to see her closer to the wedding she will take a little bit more out for me if I'd like for our honeymoon :o) It feels so great to not have to stress about pb'ing on our wedding night lol.

I also asked her about the throat/esophageal cancer concern from PB'ing and Acid Reflux. She said that there has been no link between the band and cancer, but generally severe acid reflux has been known to result in esophageal cancer. This made me feel a lot better, because although I've been super tight and spitting up a lot I hardly ever have acid reflux. whew!

I hope everyone is bearing the weather and staying warm and safe. xxoo


  1. Yummy! What a great support you are. Rick is very lucky to have you!

  2. Looks yummy! I just offer a word of caution about having an unfit for your honeymoon.... if you do that, have your re-fill appt scheduled for the day after you get back... A friend made the mistake of getting unfilled so she could 'enjoy the honeymoon' and 2 years, all the pounds and countless excuses later, she only just got refilled yesterday!!!

  3. I had a feeling it was a trick question, but I went with mudslide. It's great you are so supportive. Glad you could get your unfill despite the snow.

  4. Looks delicious! I actually lover protein shakes now.

  5. Looks great! Rick is so lucky for you to make awesome protein shakes for him! (LOL my security word is "mudin")

  6. Wow that shake looks really amazing! I guess I didn't fully realize you were going through as much problems as I was with acid reflux, I'm glad you made it through the snow and got the unfill! Thank you also for sharing the info about esophageal cancer and the band. I always think about that so it makes me feel a lot better. Your fiance is so lucky to have you there to help him through this! How cool is that!
    Thanks again for your comments and support on my blog while I was going through this acid reflux and overfill thing for the very first time. It helped me a lot !

  7. Where has this protein shake been all my life? haha Looks yummy!

  8. your the best future wifey! Ricky is so lucky!
    Love you! Next time no PB on the meatballs xo

  9. it looks like a beautiful vase!

    Hahahaha....shitty cookies. Ew.