Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Challenge Week 4

Here is the results for week 4 of the challenge, we're half way done ladies!!

The winner this week is: Stephanie: Dreams of Skinny Heels. She lost an amazing 3.2% this week! *WOW* Congratulations!!!

Also, since we are half way to the finish line I wanted to post the 'Top 5' challengers thus far, in hopes to kick this up another gear. Let's not forget, we decided to award prizes to the top 3!!

1) Grace- Grace's Fat Chance with a total loss of 6.2%
2) Joey- Volume Control with a total loss of 4.8%
3) Suzi- A new me- with a total loss of 4.2 %
3) Carmen- I'm with the Band also has a total loss of 4.2%
4) Traviaun- HotDogs N HamBurgers has a total loss of 4.1%
4) Heather- Am I actually doing this also has a total loss of 4.1%

Awesome job this week ladies, we lost a total of 81.8lbs bringing the total loss from the challenge to 286.6lbs!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What works for one, doesn't work for all SADLY

Gen from I heart the band posted some smokin pictures of herself in her new 'lapbandkini' the other day, and I couldn't help but drool. I went to Old Navy last night and they were having a 30% store wide sale, I thought what the hell, maybe I can pull off the 'lapbandkini' this was not the case...and I took pictures to document. This just proves what looks great on one, doesn't look great on all :(

After I got home (it was a really hot and humid day in Boston) I was super craving pasta salad. Thanks to the band though I am unable to eat pasta. I tried to think of something else that could satisfy the cravings, and quinoa came to mind! I remember Gilly posting a few weeks ago about a Greek Quinoa salad she had made, so I went at it! Below is what I came up with. It is chilled quinoa, fat free feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and low fat greek dressing. It is DELISH! Rick even enjoyed it! Wahoooo, this can definitely become something I can bring to BBQ's with me this summer.

On a happier note, I said Yes to the Dress last weekend!! My mom, good friend, and I all went out wedding dress shopping last Friday and it was success! I had made appointments at 3 different stores to make sure that I saw everything. Of course I found 'the one' at the first store. I am sooooo in love with it! A lot of people had concerns with me ordering so soon due to me still losing and changing sizes so frequently, but I made sure it was alterable down a size or two and also ordered it in one size smaller then what was recommended for me now. Want to know what size I got?!? A size 12!!! It's actually a 16, but the brand runs 2 sizes smaller then normal street sizes so its actually made to fit a size 12. I was so excited!! It takes 6 months to come in, so its a good thing I ordered now! I would post pictures, but Rick (my fiance) reads my blog, so that wouldn't be good!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

CHALLENGERS: Don't forget weights are due tomorrow!! xxoo

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 3 Challenge Results!! (EDITED)

*PLEASE NOTE* This graph represents total weight loss throughout the challenge, not individual weeks!

Hey Ladies!

I am so sorry for the confusion earlier if you saw it! There was a glitch in my excel formulas and it wasn't calculating %'s correctly, BOOO! This should be right now :)

I would like to congratulate Joey this week, for an exceptional weight loss. She lost 2.6%! Way to go girly- For anyone who is new to the challenge, Joey won the last one, she pretty much kicks ass at everything :)

As a group we lost 74.2 lbs this week making the total loss 203.8 lbs!! WAHOOO!

Challenge Week 3

Sorry Ladies- I need to do some editing, the graph was posted incorrectly :(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First 10k CHECK


This morning bright and early @ 7:30 am, my fiancee Rick and I completed our first 10k.

My goal was for us to finish it in 2 hrs and 20 minutes. I came up with this because last October I did a 5k and finished in 1 hr and 15 minutes, so this would be shaving 5 minutes off.

We finished it in 1 hour and 49 minutes!!! Simply Amazing! I wore my HRM and it said I burned 924 calories! WOOOOOO! We walked the entire thing, it was a slow start but once I got in my groove it was smooth sailing.

Thank you all for all of your support, Big Lovies!

Don't forget weights are due today!!! xxoo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reaching Out

Hey Ladies- I know this is asking a lot of everyone, and I don't expect much, but I wanted to share. This Sunday, June 20th I will be doing a 10k cancer walk. If you have anything you can spare, even $5 I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure we have all lost someone to cancer, and I want to help raise money to find a cure, and awareness while doing something to better myself at the same time. Here is the link to my personal site if you'd like to help. This will be my first 10k, so I am super excited and nervous. Wish me luck!

My Site

Thanks so much! xxoo

Week 2 Hot Summer Meltdown Results!! EDITED

Congrats T.Michelle from hotdogsnhamburgers for losing the most weight this week. She lost 3.5% AMAZING job girly!

As a group we lost 130lbs! WHOA! Keep it up!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Look who I met today!!!!!!!!

OMG! I am so excited right now that I don't even know where to start! Today in Boston was the annual Health and Fitness Expo, this is a free expo for anyone, and they do various health screenings and have different companies giving out samples and take away gifts. I had to work both yesterday and today for work, we had a display vehicle and had a Red Sox ticket giveaway contest. Little did I know that by working today I would get to meet my biggest 'celebrity' crush ever! LOL

Today at noon on the demonstration stage at the expo Michael Ventrella, The Biggest Loser winner from Season 9 did a question and answer session and an inspirational talk. Leading up to Mike's big appearance, the expo had a zumba demonstration. I had headed over to the stage alone since my coworkers were covering our booth. I had a front row spot to meet my boyfriend Mike, which also meant I had a front row spot for Zumba. The zumba demonstration ended up turning into a 30 minute sweat-filled zumba class that only me and 3 other girls partook in. Film crews were there and I may or may not have ended up on 6pm news tonight haha, so embarrassing!

After I was a hot sweaty mess from Zumba, Mike came and there was also a surprise appearance from his mom Maria!!! He talked for about 20 minutes about the weight he has loss and his advocacy for childhood obesity. He made an important point that even he has weeks where the scale doesn't move, but he always makes sure to measure other ways other then the scale. His mom takes his measurements bi-weekly and his Dr. does a body fat analysis. When asked how often he weighed himself he answered with "the scale is the devil" haha. Sounds so much like all of us! After his speech there was an open Q & A. During this time Maria was asked what her exercise routine consisted of now, she told us that she was fortunate to not have to work right now so she has a lot of time to devote to fitness. She walks to her gym everyday which is 5 miles away and takes her an hour and half, once she is there she does 45 minutes on the elliptical, and some strength training with her trainer, and then walks the 5 miles, hour a half back home! She looked phenomenal and I think was really inspiring for the older ladies in the audience. If you watched the beginning of the Biggest Loser then you probably remember how un-coordinated and non-enthused Maria was to be on the ranch. Now she is tiny and seems so enthusiastic about life. The next question was for Mike, he was asked how his sister was doing, (the one they showed a few times on the show and was very overweight), Mike left this question for his mom to answer. Maria said her daughter is yet to lose any weight, she talked about how to lose weight you need to be mentally prepared, and in the right frame of mind, and that her daughter was simply just not there yet. I thought this was very honest, and great of them to share- its so true, losing weight is just as much a mental thing as physical! The next question for Mike was about his love life and if he had found love. He told us that he went on his first date since the show the night before with a girl from Boston. He said it was someone who had written to him while he was on the show, and that he had kept in contact with. Maria added in that him and Ashley still speak daily but as just friends.

I think that's about all that I learned today from the duo, but it truly was an amazing experience! I was so star struck that when I finally got to meet him I said "I just want to touch you" hahahaha how embarrassing. He was sweet though and gave me a hug and posed for a pic, after the pic he said make sure to upload it to facebook and tag me! I of course did it as soon as I got home!

P.S Challengers- Make sure and send me your weight today!!! xxoo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bandit Double-Date

Good Morning Everyone, hope everyone is doing well! Nicole from Better Banded and I had a double date last night with her husband Carey and my fiance Rick. We went to a Mexican restaurant in NH and had so much fun! Here are a couple pictures:

She is looking so freaking tiny! Eating dinner with her really put my portion sizes into perspective. She ate half of a crunchy taco and beans and was done...I ate chips, a whole crunchy taco, an enchilada, and some rice. I felt a little un-comfortable but no PB. Time for a fill? I think so!

She also gave me a GIANT bag of clothes that included a dress from banana republic (which I'm wearing today) a pair of banana republic jeans, 2 arden b jeans, a juicy couture tshirt, and lots more....but the best of all the clothes were these:

**** Please disregard how large and lumpy my ass looks in this pic****

Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for getting all your weighs in to me! xxoo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Summer Meltdown Update!

Hey Girls,

I wanted to let everyone know that the grand total for the challenge is 51 participants (including myself) making it $255!! Holy Cow!! The last challenge was 33 participants and $ quite the increase! I'm so excited for everyone, and to see how well we do.

Quick Question and opinions wanted- since we have raised so much money for this challenge, would you girls be interested in doing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize? I was thinking

1st place- $150
2nd place- $75
3rd place- $30

Let me know what you think, we can either do it this way, or just keep it as one grand prize.

Don't forget everyone's weights are due today- email them to me with a pic of the scale to :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Challenger's ATTENTION!

Hey Ladies- Listen up!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the LAST day to sign up for the "Hot Summer Meltdown" challenge. You need to get the $ to Paypal by tomorrow and I will add your name and blog to the list. Weight's and picture's are due on Sunday :)

Joey was kind enough to make up our group image, please feel free to display proudly on your blogs!!