Monday, September 27, 2010

BOOBS Cruise?

LOL that sounds like Booze cruise doesn't it?!?

With my new found obsession for cruising, I mentioned a BOOBS cruise for the next get together, and I saw a few people say they were interested.

Well just because I am so sad that I couldn't come this time, and how much I have loved looking at everyone's pictures- I started researching cruises.

Your not going to believe this! I went to the carnival cruise line site and they have 3 day cruises that go from Florida to the Bahamas that are only $179/person! OMG can you imagine how much fun we could have?!

I am all for being on the planning committee (whether we choose to cruise or not) I do have to forewarn though- I am in the process of planning our wedding in May- so as the time gets closer I will need lots of help! Now let's hear everyone opinions! I know you just got back- but I'm sure your just as eager for a reunion as I am!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to life- Back to reality

Hey Everyone! I am finally back from my amazing cruise!!! We got back late Sunday night, and I am still getting adjusted to not being on vacation. I think I may become a cruising addict- I seriously loved it, every minute of it! It's such a great way to vacation- you get to see so many different areas in one trip, its perfect!! We went to Grand Caymen, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan Honduras. My favorite by far was the Honduras. It was so beautiful there and the locals were so friendly. They truly appreciate all that tourism has brought to their country and treat travelers with respect. Also, in the Honduras I went ziplining for the first time! It was SOOOO cool! At first I was very brave and cocky and volunteered to go first- once I got to the platform though I lost all of the braveness that I had. I started to shake like a leaf and had the hardest time getting myself to let go and just jump. Something about still have that fat complex, and a tiny harness and wire not being able to support me. I did it though and I flew through the air like a monkey. It was spectacular, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. One of the best parts about ziplining was Ricky was able to do it also! Initially we thought the weight limit was 275lbs so he had planned on going fishing with his father, once we got there though they told us it could support up to 500lbs! I was so happy he was able to join us, and that his weight didn't prohibit him from doing something he wanted to do. We all know how it feels when our weight comes in the way of doing something we want to do- not good at all!

Eating wise-not too shabby! I am pleased with how my band reacted. The first half of the trip I was pretty loose and able to eat pretty much anything. I had protein bars for breakfast, usually a taco for lunch, and for dinner I indulged! Since my palette isn't very large, I stuck to the classics most evenings. I started with french onion soup (the cheese is protein enough right? lol) then I followed this with caprese salad (again more cheese) for dinner I stuck with the chicken and steak dishes, and every night I concluded dinner with dessert (and finished all of it, most times!) Let me tell you- I was not deprived on this trip! Towards the second half of the week though my band started to tell me to slow down! Lunches became harder to keep down, and dinner started to end with a PB. Nothing I couldn't handle though, I was out of my routine and eating differently it was to be expected. I didn't not go to the gym while on the ship, although we did do plenty of walking! Rick and I ended up getting a drink package making all drinks under $8 free! By the end of the trip our room invoice said we had gotten over 100 drinks! OOOPS! Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves!

The scale fairy was definitely on my side for this vacation- I left last Friday weighing 173 and came home to weighing 174.5 and today I was back to 173.2 so mostly sodium I'm guessing. I don't know how I managed it, but however I did it I am ecstatic!

So for anyone who has considered cruising I definitely recommend it! Maybe next year we do a short Florida-Bahamas BOOB cruise? Now that could be dangerous!

I will finish this with a few pictures from the vacation- you can friend my on facebook if we aren't already friends to see more if you'd like!

I'm glad to be back, and I am loving reading all of these BOOB posts about everyones anxiety. I know I would be one of the top posters on this topic if I was going so its fun to read. I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe trip. I can't wait to see pictures and to be able to join next year! While you are gone I will be in my friends wedding and will make sure to have a drink in honor of everyone! XXOO

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out my new shizit!

Do you notice anything different? Do you?

Give up?

Jenny made me an amazing header!!! I am in *love* with it! I think she has a future in header making!

Thank you girly, this is just what I needed to jazz up my layout! xxoo

Thousand word Thursday- Week 2

It's time once again for Thousand word Thursday- The topic this week is:

A decoration in your home that is very meaningful to you - a family heirloom, a gift from your BFF, etc.

For me this was easy, it was the first thing that came to mind...I'm not sure if it fits the description exactly, but to me it the most meaningful object in my home (besides Ricky that is) haha.

So without further adieu let me introduce you to the first boy I ever slept with.....

Bloggers- Let me introduce you to foofy. Foofy is a stuffed bunny (if you can't tell) that I have had since the day I was born. When I first got him he was white and furry, now after 25 years of love he is grayish and bare. He is my own personal velveteen rabbit! I sleep with him every night- and every night Ricky threatens to throw him away lol. I think hes jealous! I used to tell him that once I got a ring, I would stop sleeping with Foofy- but that didn't work out so well (oops) Foofy is here to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting the love of my life- I can't wait to see what everyone else shares! xxoo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogger Awards :o)

1) Post who gave you this award:

Thank you Stephanie, Beth and Bre for this award!!!

2) State 10 things you like:

  1. My Bunnies
  2. Blogging
  3. Wedding Planning
  4. Arts and Crafts- especially stamping and embossing
  5. Bike rides
  6. Dunkin donuts
  7. Traveling to sunny beach places
  8. Hosting speed dating, and meeting fun and interesting people
  9. Bubble Baths
  10. Red Wine
3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment: (listed in alphabetical order)

only 2 more wake-ups this week and then VACATION

Can you tell I'm excited?? This Saturday (on 9/11 eeek) I will be flying to Ft.Lauderdale Florida to gear up for my first cruise. I am going on the Celebrity Solstice from 9/12-9/19 with 16 of Rick's family members! Can you believe it?!? There will be 17 of us together on 1 ship...CRAZINESS! I am beyond excited/nervous not only because this is my first cruise, but also because of my band. I am hoping to dear god it behaves! Everyone in his family knows about it so that won't be a big deal, I just don't want to look bulimic! Here is a list of the places we are going:

Day 1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Day 2 At Sea
Day 3 George Town, Grand Cayman
Day 4 Cozumel, Mexico
Day 5 Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico
Day 6 Roatan, Honduras
Day 7 At Sea
Day 8 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Have any of you been to any of these places and have any must do's/ do-nots while there? I know that while we are in Honduras we have a planned excursion to go zip-lining- I am beyond excited for this! It will be the first time I am under the weight limit to do it, and can't wait!!!

I look forward to hearing any suggestions you all have whether it be for cruising in general or fun things to do while at these places.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thousand Word Thursday

Hey everyone! So Amy at Babbles of a Bandster came up with a fun new for all of us to get to know each other more (if that's even possible) Each Wednesday she is going to post about a subject, and the following Thursday you are to post a picture that relates to the subject. This weeks subject is: "

"Let's celebrate our own beauty and how wonderful we all look with a photo of your favorite feature on your own body"

This was pretty simple for me- I love my eyes! I honestly feel they are my best feature and the first thing people notice about me. I will admit when I was younger I always wished I had a fun eye color like blue, green or hazel instead I have what I often referred to as "cucka brown" eyes. They are so dark brown that they are almost black, they are mesmerizing! Here they are: