Monday, April 12, 2010

week 3, results are in!


***The %'s are total so far, not weekly***

HAPPY MONDAY! This week's challenge results were A LOT easier to calculate then last week....I think I got it under control now and it should be smoooooth sailing! I'm glad everyone enjoy's this little chart, it really is amazing to see our results all laid out like that.

The winner this week was Jess with a 2.3% loss! AWESOME JOB!!

As a group we lost, 22.1lbs, eeeeek! What happened to us this week ladies?? Don't blame yourselves, I wasn't ANY help this week either!

Let's keep on truckin, and set a goal to lose 30lbs total for next week! Think we can do it? I DO!!!

Disclaimer: Our little Robin had her gallbladder out this week, and we all knows what happens with that surgery since it seems to be the trend lately. Hang in there Robin, it will come right off!


  1. Well, I had gall bladder surgery and gained 5 or so. Don't think I helped the cause much.

  2. Wow. Look at that Bandit (Jess) go. And Robin is forgiven.

    Congrats to all of you challengers. You are keeping us all motivated.

  3. So I may be up .8 this week, but it's down like 4 or 5 from the mid-week bloat, so I'll take it! next week we'll have it girls!

  4. Kristen, thanks again for doing this it does help to see it laid out like that! Good job Jess!

  5. I think this head cold helped with the weight loss. Wait...why am I making excuses for being the week's winner? Go me!

    When I lose, as with many of you I'm sure, the scale bounces before it settles. I'm already +1 from I was definitely on a downswing when I did my official yesterday.

  6. You guys are doing great! I will have to join in on the next challenge :)

  7. YEAH FOR US! 22 lbs is still 22 lbs gone.

    And WTH do I have to do to win? My fellow bandsters are rocking!

  8. Good work, ladies! I am up for the challenge of 30 lbs next week - WE CAN DO IT! <3

  9. What the WHAT??? Jess...I am taking you down, man!

    How did we lose like 77lbs last week and only 22 this week? 22lbs...ONE GUY from the Biggest Loser can lose that much in a week! Time to step it up, ladies!! Don't make me make more idle threats!

    Thanks again Kristen, for being the mathy one!

  10. Let's hope week 4 is better! I blame week 3 on the leftover easter candy

  11. Yay Jess!
    PS. I'm coming for you, you skinny bitch.

  12. Do you know whose fault it is? Gilly! None of you have been paying attention to me. Gilly is sending bad weight gaining waves over the internet. You know that vlog she did? Where she was all cute and funny?

    THAT WAS ALL PART OF HER PLAN! I slowed it down and played it backwards and yep...just as I assumed...

    the sublimibal (however you spell it) message made us gain weight.

    Now maybe you will take me seriously.

    Let's disqualify her!



  13. I've got money on you all for next week! I say the total weight loss will be 44 lbs (or more)!

  14. We also need to take into consideration the women who just found out they are pregnant!

  15. Agree with Nicole - let's attribute this to easter candy and move on...
    We did OK considering.

  16. I'm ready for my fill this week and will be rocking a loss next weekend! Kristen, I'm loving your new pic...well, new to me, I hadn't seen it! :)

  17. I know my problem was my port revision surgery. Stupid surgery weight gain. :(