Saturday, August 14, 2010

ONE Year bandiversery post

*WOW* Can you guys believe its been a year?!? A few of you have followed me since the beginning of this journey, a lot of you from the middle, and some of you just recently. To everyone, THANK YOU! Without all of your support and helpful suggestions, there is no way I would where I am today.... which is down 72lbs, and down from a size 22 to a 14! I think I will follow trend and do this post in a bullet form of things I have overcame, and things that still need some work. So grab a drink and take a seat love bugs.


Since being banded I have gone from 248lbs to 176lbs which equals to be about 1.3lbs/week- I'll take it!

I am now 46bs from my goal (130lbs) 132lbs will put me into the 'normal' category on the BMI chart (I'm only 5ft 1)

I can now wear skirts/dresses comfortably without needing to wear spanx to prevent chub-rub! This was a big one for me- I ALWAYS got chub-rub and it was the most un-comfortable thing to deal with.

I can also now wear shorts- before banding I could never wear them because my legs were so much bigger then my waist so that whatever shorts fit my waist were skin tight on my thighs- not pretty!

After getting off the train in the morning I can comfortably walk up the stairs without feeling like I ran a marathon. Pre-banding I used to take the elevator with all the handicapped people.

I can now shop in just about any store I want, and don't have to worry if I will fit into their clothes. I range in pant sizes from 16-12 depending on whether their dress pants or jeans, and tops are all mostly larges.

I have completed my first 5k and 10k (walking) before banding there is no way I would have attempted these. I also have another 10k scheduled for October!

I can wrap a regular sized towel around my entire body and wrap it cute (and it stays!)

I tell anyone who asks about my band. I used to be shy and when people asked why I wasn't eating alot I would just say I had a tiny tummy and leave it at that. Now when people say wow! you've lost weight, how'd you do it? I proudly tell them I had lap-band surgery

In another 11 lbs my Dr told me I could safely become pregnant and carry a child! Although, we don't plan on having children for a few more years, it is an amazing feeling to know that my body will be healthy enough to carry a child soon.

Exercise- I do it, but I don't love it. I go through periods where I go to the gym 4 days a week, and then there are times I don't go at all. I know that exercising is the key to losing more quickly, but its still something I have to talk myself into doing.

I have made some amazing friends throughout this process. My lovely Breanne- I met her on lapband talk and we got banded at the same clinic months apart. She has been an amazing friend to get to know, and to discuss all my fears and achievements with. She is kind of like my little guinea pig, she goes through everything I have to do testing and fill wise , just a few months before me. Nicole- I met halfway through this journey through blogger. She lives less then an hour away, so it is easy for us to meet up. She has given me countless bags of clothes, and I love her dearly. Angie- Angie is my sister from another mother. We are so much alike its scary. Often times we find ourselves seldom talking about our bands, but our personal lives- and I love her for this. I can always count on her honesty. Colleen- Is my twin, she is one of the only people I can send my petite pants to and know they will fit her. She is so sweet and is always leaving me cute comments on facebook. There are many more fantastic friends I have made through blogging, but not enough time or space to write about you all. Just know that I love you all!

Support- I have amazing support. My fiance Rick has been with me every step of the way. He loved me at my biggest and still loves me now. He actually proposed to me the night before my pre-op diet began. We went out for a wonderful last meal, and he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He is an amazing guy, and has given me more support then I could have ever asked for. He goes to the gym with me (when I go) he even forces me to get out of bed in the morning when I can't get my butt to the gym. He doesn't judge me when I eat things I shouldn't, he has made healthy changes when he cooks me dinner, by substituting lesser fat ingredients. He truly is my best friend.

Now on to my do's and don't post-banding:

I cannot eat bread products or pasta. This was probably one of the hardest things for me to learn. I love carbs, and sometimes when I have cravings I still eat them, and end up getting sick- Shhh! It's a learning process!

I can still eat all meats (in moderation)-usually with no problem, but can't do re-heated meats.

I have learned that its OK not to be hungry. Before banding I used to eat on a schedule even if I wasn't hungry, now I listen to my body more and if I'm not hungry I don't eat.

I don't deprive myself- this is one of the biggest reasons for my success/non-success depending how you look at it. If I want an ice cream- I eat it, If I want M&M's-I eat them. I do try to limit these indulgences, but I think that by not depriving myself I don't binge as often.

I currently have 7.1CC's in my 10cc band and I have had 1 unfill. Currently- I am very well restricted, to some it might be considered to tight, but for me it helps me to not eat things I shouldn't.

I do not measure or count my calories...I eyeball them for the most part. I know that my band won't allow me to eat more then I should, so this hasn't been as issue.

I still weigh myself every day, sometimes more then once a day. It helps to keep me in line. I don't let small gains get the best of me, I usually know when to expect them.

I have become a pro at pb'ing in public. I pb a lot (not something I'm proud of) and it usually occurs at the worst times and places. I take public transportation to work, so if some morning I am tighter then others and can't keep my protein bar down- there are no bathrooms on train....ziplock baggy it is! I usually just start rubbing my tummy and act pregnant and no one says anything...tricks of the trade!

I was an amazing pre-op patient...I strictly stuck to the plan and did not deviate from my shakes, I was to scared too! My biggest fear was that I would wake up in recovery and be told that they couldn't band me because of my fatty liver.

I try new foods. This doesnt' mean I like them all (jenn and nicole can attest to this one...they witnessed me trying shrimp for the first time a spitting it up) but the fact that I'm trying is a good thing. Foods that I like now that I never did before are: oranges, spaghetti squash, chili, hummus, I think thats it lol.

I remember reading on Amy's blog how your poopies will never be the same and questioning's true! Your poops will never be the same. I used to be a twice a day type of girl, now i'm lucky if its every other day. (sorry for the TMI)

Now would I do it all over again? YES! I truly believe that I would have never lost the weight I have, had I not had this surgery. Yes, it is a lot of hard work, and you don't get results overnight- but you get what you put into it. This band of mine is a blessing, and quite possibly could have saved my life. Yes going into this process I didn't have any obese-related conditions, but who knows how long it would have taken before I developed them.

So that's it...did you make it through it? I'm sure I left out a few things but those can go on to next year's list. Here is to an amazing year, amazing new friends, and for a lifetime of heath and happiness! xxoo


  1. You have done so well in a year and should be so proud of yourself. You are a great support of us all and I'm so glad I found your blog. Here's to year 2.

  2. Good job, my one year is coming up and I remember us being close together! You'll be an amazing bride for sure! Congrats to you!

  3. Awesome... congrats!!! Be proud (and loud)... you deserve it!!!!

  4. Congrats on your successful year. You are looking great. Here's to another great one:)

  5. That's inspire me and I can only hope to be as successful as you when I get to my one year bandiversary.

  6. Happy One year Band Anniversary!! August Bandits RULE!!I am SO proud of you!! I am here lifting my glass of champagne to you CHEERS!!


    You have made me so proud, helped me through so many hard times, and I am so lucky that we have these bands that brought us together! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!


  8. Happy Bandiversary. I loved your Achievements. The one that made my heart skip was your doc saying you are almost at the weight where pregnancy is a go. Good luck on your second year!

  9. Happy one year!! You have done amazing, I would LOVE to be 72 pounds down when I reach 1 year!

  10. Happy Bandiversary! And congrats on a very successful first year! You are doing so awesome :)

  11. Happy One Year :) You've accomplished so much in your first year and it's only going to get better!!!

    Ummm....have I mentioned how excited I am to meet you in ONE WEEK?!!!

  12. I love your tip on pbing in public. I get my first fill Tuesday and while I'm hoping for restriction, pbing does worry me. All I can say is I hope a year out I've done as well as you. It must be so exciting to know that you are so close to being able to have children when you are ready. And on top of it all, you've made some great friends during the process. Congrats on everything.

  13. Awesome Kristen, you have achieved so much in a year. Congratulations.

  14. I <3 you, twin! Congrats on the first of many successful years to come! I honestly don't know where I would be without your packages! I mean, I would be naked, I guess, hehehe! I am beyond honored to be listed in your post - thank you so much! <3

  15. Congrats on your successful first year. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  16. Hi, Kristen - Thanks for your comment on my blog. It definitely did make me feel good to have my man stand up for our daughter. I'd love to hear about Sandals in Jamaica. Is there only one in Jamaica? Did you love it? What time of year did you go?