Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 down 3 to go...

Last night was my first of four behavioral classes at the hospital. Anyone having bariatric surgery here has to complete these classes. The class was from 5:30-7 in a conference room in the hospital. I was by far the youngest person there, and this made me a little un-comfortable. During our introductions we were asked to talk about why we wanted surgery, I said because since I am still young and healthy I wanted to have surgery to prevent myself from getting obesity related health problems. The lady across from me then replies "so basically you don't want to end up like all of us?" I felt bad but it was true.

The next exercise was to teach us about mindful eating. We were all given one raisin, and were told to look at it, touch it, smell it, and taste it. The Dr. asked us to describe what we saw and felt each time. I stated that the raisin looked like my bunnies poop, which it did. Everyone starred at me and rolled their eyes, and one lady said "well there goes my appetite" I felt like such an idiot, I guess it was just one of those diarrhea of the mouth moments. Oh well, I can get through this and I will.

As for an insurance update, I am getting really frustrated. I called Aetna yesterday and they told me a letter was sent to my hospital last week saying they needed more information. I called the hospital's insurance department today and got an answering service....I just want to get everything finalized. I go for my pre-op testing this Friday and those results are only valid for 30 days, so if Aetna doesn't approve me for surgery on the 14th then I will have to go through it all over again. I don't' know what to do :(


  1. it all happened just like I told you it would! dont be frustrated with aetna let pam take care of it all!

  2. lol Good reply re: the bunny poop. What? Have these people lost their sense of humor. You should have replied when she said: well, there goes my appetite, "Who needs banding while I'm around" or something like that. A shot back was what that grumpy one needed. Congrats on getting this far. Don't despair. Things WILL fall into place.. they usually do