Wednesday, July 22, 2009

APPROVED and 2nd behavioral class

YIPPPEEEEEE ***HAPPY DANCE*** Last night at around 5:30, as I was stuffing my face @ Boloco I got a call from the hospital saying they received a call that I have been approved! I started screaming in the restaurant with excitement, everything is now official. This is the best feeling.

My second behavioral class went much better then the first. People talked to me, and it seemed like I might even be able to make a few friends out of this. The topic of discussion was what triggers us to eat. We went around the room and all talked about what are trigger points were. Some that were mentioned were: TV food commercials, Time on the month, Set schedules for eating meals, Boredom, Emotions, and Clean your plate syndrome. After this list was made we then broke into groups and discussed different things we could do instead of eating and how to prevent these trigger points from getting to us. The things we found that could be helpful were: Take up a hobby, Post 'skinny' pictures around the house, Start cleaning, Fast forward through the commercials, Plan your menu for the week ahead of time, When dining out ask for half your meal to be wrapped up ahead of time. All of these tips I felt were very interesting and it was nice to hear what everyone else's thoughts were. I found that some of their trigger points actually got me thinking, hey I do that too!

As for upcoming appointments, I have my 3rd behavioral class next Monday, and then Tuesday I have my skills class @ the hospital....not quite sure what this entails.


  1. I knew it I knew it!!! I really never had any doubts about you getting approved! I'm SO HAPPY for you, now you have nothing to be worried about!

    It's funny to hear you describe the classes, they are identical to mine, do you have that tall skinny white haired guy who conducts the classes? I think he does them all. Can't wait to see you on he 1st!!!

  2. Thats awesome Girl! Congrats Let us know when your date is!!!

  3. It's August 14th! 23 Day's from today!!

    Thank you so much for all the supportive comments!

    I do have the have white haired guy, dr.kantor!

  4. have a date!! 23 days is nothing and that's going to fly by! How exciting.. just brilliant :)