Monday, October 4, 2010


That's what I look like today- an absolute BOMBSHELL! Not to toot my own horn, but I think I look pretty damn fine today! Let me set the scene for everyone- I am wearing a new v-neck sweater from Express (size L) in a magenta/purplish color, Dark skinny jeans from Old Navy (size 12), and my brand new KNEE HIGH BOOTS! I would love to share a pic, but I'm in the office alone today, maybe later tonight Ricky can take one for me! I cannot put into words how I felt shopping this weekend. I bought my FIRST ever pair of knee high boots, even the wide calf ones never fit me! The feeling when these boots zipped up in the store for the first time is in-describable. It may seem silly, but this is by far my best NSV to date.

My mom was in town visiting this weekend, and wanted to treat me for all my hard work lately. We shopped all day Friday and Saturday and I got some awesome new (smaller) clothes! Work clothes have been the hardest for me to keep up with- I hate coming to work with saggy butt pants. We went to New York & Company, my favorite work clothes store and bought 2 new pairs of pants in a petite size 12!!! AHHHH! I am officially a size 12/14- 16's are now to saggy! WAHOOO! It is true what they say, once you are down into smaller sizes it only takes a few lbs to drop a pant size. As for tops I went to Ann Taylor Loft and got size large sweaters, at Old Navy I was a medium and at Kohls I bought a sweater in a SMALL! WTF! Now trust me- this sweater ran HUGE, but in a size SMALL, OMG! Shopping trip=Success!

On Friday I also had my yearly lab work done for my band, they took about 25 tubes of blood it felt like-yuck! I'm super excited to get the results though and compare them to my 6 month lab work. I will post the results once I get them.

In eating news- I had my first fried oreo on Saturday night! The fair was in town, and I've heard a few bloggers talk about them, so I just had to try one for myself. ORGASMIC! It came with 5, and I ate 2 1/2, but I could have eaten all 5 probably if I let myself lol.

In wedding news- Rick and I booked our honeymoon last week!! Can anyone guess what we're doing?? A CRUISE! hahahaha. I told you I was addicted! This is a 9 night Eastern Caribbean cruise out of New Jersey (so we won't have to fly!) It is going to Bermuda, St.Thomas, St.Martin and Puerto Rico. Rick and I haven't been to any of these islands yet so we're super pumped! We will be cruising on the Royal Caribbean- Explorer of the Seas.

As for an update on where Rick and where him and surgery stand- he has a few big appointments next Monday. He will be going for a barium swallow, to meet his surgeon and decide on a surgery, and also for a sleep study! BIG DAY! I think he's excited to see what comes, I know I am!

Speaking of next Monday the 11th, I don't think I've mentioned this but I'm doing the Tufts 10K run in Boston with a good friend of mine. It is going to be my first "real" race with a timing bib and all. I don't plan on running much, but I will try my best! My goal is to beat my 10k time in June of 1 hour and 49 minutes. My friend that I am doing it with is in amazing shape, so I know she'll give me the push I need.

I think that's about all for bullet point Monday. Thank you everyone for all your responses to the BOOBS cruise, I look forward to looking at all the possibilities !


  1. Hottie with a body, get your ass to the bathroom and take an awkward mirror pic for me!

  2. please so we can all drool...
    You are such a success story!

  3. Yay! So exciting!

    Those are the islands I went to when we did our E. Caribbean cruise! You will LOVE them!

  4. That outfit sounds like it is a dream. Looking for pics soon girlie. I'm so happy for you. You made me LOL talking about those oreos. I have steered clear so far. Y'all gonna make me go find some. So glad the fair left this weekend. So happy for Rick as well, good luck to him. Congrats ont he booking of the honeymoon too.

  5. Hopefully you can get a picture taken because the outfit sounds hot! I did a cruise for my honeymoon too and it was on Royal Carribean - we did the west carribean. It was so much fun. That's great about the 10K - doesn't matter if you run or walk - you're doing it! Good for you.

  6. I totally want to see a picture up here missy!

    You will love that cruise its sounds awesome!!

  7. I am so jealous, I mean happy for you and you new sexy boots! I tried rain boots again this year and even the wide won't fit my huge calves! Good for you!

    Is the cruise out of Bayonne??? If it is, that is 15 minutes from my place!

    Awesome news on the 10k, you go!

    I have to see a picture, I agree with Angie! <3

  8. Wow! Boots are such a victory! I bet that shopping trip was great.

  9. You sound like a bombshell!! I'm so envious of the boots - I honestly don't think I'll ever wear non- extra wide ones.
    Good luck to Rick - I'm interested to see what he decides.

  10. I refuse to respond until I see the pictures!!!!! Ha ha ha!

  11. Kristin, so many NSVs!!!! Awesome! I want pics!

  12. My knee high boots were my biggest NSV so far I totally love love them ! Congrats you look great x