Thursday, October 28, 2010

*Holiday Challenge* Participants (working list)

Hey Pretty Ladies!

Here is a working list of everyone who I have heard from that is interested in participating I will post a paypal link soon. Everyone who expressed interest will be in black- once I receive $5 from you I will change your name to red, so we can keep track! XOXO

1) Kristen (me)- I'm with the band
2) Angela S (AZ)- A Better Me
3) Laura J (WY)- non-blogger
4) Jen S (AZ)- What you lookin at skinny
5) Mary S (AL)- The perfect place
6) Steph- Electric LadyBand
7) Tori (CO)- The Winding Road to Parenthood
8) Carmen (CT)- I'm with the band....
9) Susan (MO)- Stop Spending our Precious Time
10) Gilly- (Canada)- Something something something fat chick
11) Jess P(CA)- The Little Bandit
12) Heather (IL)- Am I actually doing this? Heather's banded journey
13) Paige- Once upon a Band
14) Joey(CA)- Volume Control
15) Donut Butt- Does this donut make my butt look big?
16) Annie(NY)- Band-Aid Baby!
17) Camille(TX)- living large in C.C.
18) Bonnie(PA)- Banded and Proud of It!
19) Sam(Australia)- Banded for me
20) Read(MD)- My Trek Downward
21) Kellie(Australia)- Something About Kellie ...
22) Angela V(TX)- Repair and Renovation
23) Perry(CA)- Pie in Progress
24) Jenny W(NY)- Life's Little Journey
25) Maria(MI)-Last Train out of Fat Land
26) Nicole(NH)- Better Banded
27) Bianca J(Canada)- Breaking Free From My Self-Imposed Exile
28) Kristen R(AL)- *Kristen's Lapband Journey*
29) Mary H(UT)- Being a Winner by Being a Loser
30) Liz(NY) -Tales from the Band
31) Andy- Changing my life
32) Nikki B (TN)- girl,banded
33) Kiki (MA)- Livin' Large No More
34) Breanne P (MA)- Lady Lap Band
35) Lyla- Big Fat Professor
36) Amaris (CA)- Distracted by Diets
37) *~D~* (KS)- A Fat Chick Gets Skinny
38) Meghan (NY)- Bandedtolose
39) Nikki P (Austrailia)- I'm Finally Losing It!
40) Janet (GA)- That's how I roll...
41) Stephanie J (FL)- Dreams of Skinny High Heels
42) Kristin Z (CT)- Catchy title here
43) Ms. M- Fatscapades of a Redheaded Chick
44) Melissa W- Does this band make my butt look small?
45) Linda H (MD)- Lindas Bandwidth
46) Amy M 'Amester' (NY)- A "Bandee" on the Run
47) Rachel- Rachelthinwithin1
48) Grace (MI)- Grace's Fat Chance
49) Cindy E (CA)-
Changing ME! For the Better!
50) Jen W (CA)- Band Geek
51) Joia J (CA)- Tales from the Band...
52) Colleen V (NY)- This Time I Mean It


  1. Awesome idea! I just signed up for one at my gym or I would've got in on this one. Good luck everyone!

  2. kristen you rock, please count me in!

  3. I'd love to participate - Susan at "Stop Spending our Precious Time" and I live in MO. Thanks for coordinating!

  4. I'm in! I will paypal the $5 asap

  5. Please count me in Kristen =)

  6. Count me in too :) I'm at 'Does This Donut Make My Butt Look Big'

  7. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you know I'm in!

  8. I should have included my blog, sorry
    Annie at Band-Aid Baby!

  9. I'm in girl. Thanks so much for hosting again. If you need help, let me know

  10. Count me in, gotta get back on track!

  11. Hi there - new bandster here, and would love to participate. Found the link through Joey :)

    I'm Liz at Tales from the Band, and I'm from NYC. I will PayPal you the $5 today!

  12. I love this list girl! Sent the pay pal this am! I wasn't following so many people on this list!! I am now though!!!!!! :)

  13. Ok so I changed my mind ;) I'll just do too - double the accountability!

    Count me in :)

  14. Kristen I am in as well! I need something to keep me on track throughout the holidays! Let me know which paypal account to send the money too!


  15. remind me tonight to give you $5 yeahhhhhhhh for double dates

  16. Hi Kristen,

    There is no link in Ameris's blog title above, and the one you have for Gilly takes you to a different person's blog. I've got Gilly's but can you add Ameris's blog link so I can add her to my blogroll?


  17. I'll have to drop out. I won't have the $5 until Friday. Yep, things are that tight. Good luck to all!!!!