Saturday, October 16, 2010

what a week- phewwww

Hey Ladies- Sorry I have been MIA for what seems like forever! My life has been pretty hectic lately, but seems to be calming down. I must say thought these hectic past few weeks have put a toll on the scale- I am holding steady around 174 lately.

Lets see where to start?!? About a month ago Rick's mom was diagnosed with having 2 brain aneurysms- both were not huge per say but big enough that they needed to be operated on. She had one on each temple, and they could only be operated one at a time. Almost 2 weeks ago she had the first one operated on, and it went pretty smoothly. She is home safe now, but lives alone so we have all been taking turns making sure shes OK. She cannot drive or lift anything over 5 lbs for 6 weeks, so you can imagine it's pretty tough for her. We are just very thankful these were caught before bursting and that she is healing so well. As for the 2nd aneurysm they can operate as soon as 6 weeks or she can wait 6 months its up to her- we're all hoping for the 6 weeks though just to be safe!

Last Monday on Columbus day my friend Janelle and I did the Tufts 10k in Boston. My goal was to finish within 1hr and 50 minutes which was my previous 10K time, well who knew Janelle was going to push me so hard that we ended up finishing in 1hr and 30 minutes! And guess what?? I actually RAN a little! wahoooo! Here is the 2 of us pre-race:

It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to continue with more races and keep trying to better my time. The best part of the race- my HRM said I burnt 1249 calories- WHEW! Here is a link to some more pictures that event photographers took during the race

Hmm what else is new? Rick had his sleep study last week- it went OK. The sleep tech. said he stopped breathing a few times but never for any length of time. The dr. should be in touch with him soon to discuss the results and what they should do moving forward.

I got my blood lab results back this week- my cholesterol was a little high @ 212 (it shouldn't be over 200), I think its all the cheese and ice cream I eat. I need to work on this! I feel like its a catch-22 sort of, I mean protein is such an important part of WLS patients, but so much of proteins are high in cholesterol, so what do we do?? My copper was also pretty high, what the hell does this mean?? Camille- any idea? lol Other then that everything was normal, so that's good!

Something non-weight related that got me super excited this week was JetBlue was having a $7 fare sale for flights from Boston to DC. Ricks sister lives in DC, and the fare was good on Tues,Wed and Saturday's until December 15th. I was able to book a flight from wed-sat for $35 including taxes! I can't wait! I am going December 8th, such an exciting find!

I think that is about all that's new in my life- I'm thinking it's time to start another challenge if there is any interest. What does everyone think? I know I need some scale inspiration!


  1. Did someone say challenge?! I'm in!

    I hope the best for Rick's mom -- so scary.

  2. Great job on the 10k, that's fantastic. I hope Rick's mom continues to do well! I'm totally up for a challenge!

  3. Great about the 10k. Sounded like fun. Wish I could get air deals like that. What a treat.

  4. You have been busy! A challenge sounds great - I'm in for sure.
    That's great they were able to find the aneurysms in Rick's Mom and take care of them. I hope she'll do well in recovery.

    If you have time while in DC - let me know, I'm close by and would love to meet up and have coffee or something.

  5. The only time I have ever heard of testing copper levels is to test for Wilson's disease which is a disease of the liver. That's a weird test for you. Are you sure it wasn't calcium?? Either way if you can finish a 10 k in an hour and a half you are fine!

  6. busy girl!! we need a double date stat

  7. Amazing, you are simply amazing! You knocked 20
    minutes off - awesome!

    I am thinking about Rick's Mom and hoping she will chose the six weeks as well... <3

  8. Glad Rick's mother did well with the surgery and hope the 2nd goes as smoothly. Sounds like you rocked that 10K. As far as a challenge - HELLS YEA! You read my mind, girl. The scale is not moving and I need some healthy competition to help motivate me.