Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Fill tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my big day, my first fill! I am very anxious/nervous. I have read everyone's stories, but I feel like it's one of those things you don't fully understand until you go through it. I am excited to see what the hospital scale reads, this week has been really hard. I have hit a plateau and have been gaining and loosing the same 2 lbs. I am OK with this though because I know it is to be expected until I feel some restriction. I have been doing great with getting my water in, it has been between 60-75 ounces each day! I keep a 24oz water bottle next to my desk @ work and try to finish 2-2.5 bottles before going home each day.

Not much else is fiancee and I went out to eat the other night, we went to a Mexican restaurant. It was really hard to make a good choice...I decided on chicken and cheese enchiladas. Definitely not the best choice, but it came with 3 enchiladas, and I only ate 1, and made 2 meals out of the other 2. Before the band I would have eaten all 3 no problem, but after eating just 1 I felt completely satisfied. That was a good feeling to know that I will not always make the best food choices, but as long as I can control my portion size it won't be too bad.

Tonight I am going to visit my little cousin who just started her first year of college. She is about 3 hrs away from home and is really homesick, I am just about an hour away from her so I'm hoping I can cheer her up a bit. We are going to go out to dinner....lots of tough choices again! I'll try and make the best decision. I will let everyone know how the fill goes tomorrow, wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on the fill tomorrow! Still waiting on my doc's office to call and tell me when mine is! So frustrating!

  2. IT will be good, no worries. My first fill is scheduled for the end of the month and I'm ready for some restriction. Good luck.

  3. Whoo... exciting getting your first fill.. now it all begins :)
    Great you were only able to eat one enchilada.. that's the beauty of our bands.. we might not make the best choice but buggered if we can get everything down at one sitting lol.