Wednesday, November 25, 2009

*40* Pounds!!

I hit the 40lb loss this morning! **YAY** I did the calculations and it has been roughly 14 weeks since surgery so this equals a 2.85lbs loss per week. Wahoooo. 208lbs, getting so close to onederland!

So I've decided that my body hates me, I am sick once again! I stayed home from work yesterday and today, I am feeling much better today though so that's good. Is anyone else's immune system shitting the bed since surgery, I'm wondering if there's a correlation?

So I'm thinking I am going to attempt Black Friday shopping this year. I've never gone before, but there are things I need that will be on sale. Rick busted his laptop the other night, so I think I may get him a new one if I can find a good deal. Best Buy has an HP for $199, we'll see if I get there early enough to get one. His sister needs a GPS, so there will be plenty of good deals on those. We'll see, should be an experienced at the very least!!

Happy thanksgiving everyone, and I hope everyone who is traveling is safe! XOXO


  1. oh GO YOU!!! Amazing.. you're doing so well.

  2. Congratulations lady!! So excited for you. Sorry you've been feeling so crappy. I haven't noticed a difference in terms of getting sick more often, but I've noticed other people have mentioned it. Take care of yourself!

  3. 40 lbs!! What a very Happy Thanksgiving for you :)