Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call me a nerd...

But I am SOOO excited! My friend and I got tickets for the midnight showing of the new twilight movie 'New Moon" tomorrow night! WAHOOOO! I can't wait, is anyone else as excited as I am?

So Here's the schedule for tomorrow: 9-5 work, 6-10 Speed-Dating, 12-3am then slumber party! It's going to be a busy day, but sooo worth it!

I still haven't noticed much difference on the restriction, although today will be my first day back on solid food. I brought pita chips and hummus for lunch, and I can't wait to eat it, yum yum!

Today I went to the chiropractor for the first time. I was at an event last month and the chiropractors office was there, offering free evaluations so I signed up. He took x-rays and felt around my back and neck today. I heard a lot of hums and hahs, and have a 2nd appointment on Monday to go over the results and see what the plan of treatment is. It was really strange, I've never thought of myself as having much neck or back pain, but everywhere he was applying pressure I would gulp and yell ouch! He also had me step on 2 scales, one foot on each to see if I stood evenly, I don't! I apply 15 more lbs to my right side then my left, he said normal was 2-3lbs. Pretty interesting, have any of you ever been to a chiropractor? I'm excited to see how it will all turn out, and if I will notice a difference.


  1. Ummm....I'm pretty much as excited as you are (and no, you are not a nerd!)! My friend and I are leaving work early on Friday to go to the 3 p.m. showing! Love it!

  2. Your day does sound packed full but mostly sounds like FUN!! Enjoy it!

    Chiropractor ~ I'm married to one! He will actually be totally done in his Master's progam mid December but is already licensed and working part time. I've been seeing a chiropractor off and on for about 7 years, I only go in on an "as needed basis" (when my lower back or hips wanna give me troubles). I hope you have found a good one in your area ~ several of my husband's classmates went to your neck of the woods.

  3. Nerd...

    hahahah...just kiddin....

    maybe :)

  4. I remember bypassing the first twilight movie on the video shelf so many times thinking nahh, doesn't really do it for me. Then one day I got it out, watched it and OMG I fell in love.. now I can't wait to catch New Moon either.. it's just started here. Have to find a day to go. I really want to see it. Does that make us both nerds? Probably, lol but who cares!!