Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ramblings and such

I just realized I never updated on how my amazing my jam packed Thursday night was! Speed dating went OK, not too many people showed up so it was a little disappointing but I think there was one real good match! YAY! New Moon was Phenomenal! I liked it so much more then the first. There was less cheesiness, and a lot more action! My slumber party with my friend was also great, more of those are needed!

I've been to the chiropractor twice now, and think I may be addicted. It feels so good! He has gotten so many snap, crackle and pops out of me, I can't believe it. OOOOOO he also took xrays on my first visit and we went over them on Wednesday, guess what we saw?!?! MY BAND! I was pumped, this was the first time i've seen it! The dr. was like um what is that? you have a button in you! I guess chiropractors aren't all too familiar with banding. I told him, and he was like ooooo ok!

Today has been an awesome day! Ricky made homemade sauce, stuffed peppers and Italian Wedding soup with turkey meatballs. It is going to be a fantastic lunch week this week! Lots of leftovers and goodies to bring!

On the weight front, I'm doing pretty good! I am at around 212 right now and feeling OK. I feel a little sloppy, and like I could be making better choices (damn those peanut butter m&m's the other day) but we're all human and can't be perfect ALL the time. Last night I did have an awesome NSV. My family and I went to the north end Boston for some yummy Italian. I really wanted to get the pasta carbonara aka heart attack on a plate, but realized that was a PB waiting to happen. I ordered the chicken saltimbocca and ate one chicken breast and none of the pasta. I was really happy about this! Alsoooo today I went shopping for some new work pants, and guess what size I bought?? 16W! WAHOOOO! I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of 16's! They are a little snug, but definitely wearable. I also bought a dress for my companies holiday party that is on 12/11, this was an 18W but looked AMAZING on me. As soon as I shower and look halfway decent I will take a picture of it for everyone!

One last thing, yesterday Rick and I ordered our holiday cards, they are adorable! Here is the pic of what they look like, I can't wait to get them!


  1. Congrats on fitting into a size 16! That's a major NSV! And i LOVE the North End in Boston. YUM!

  2. FAR OUT!! GO YOU.. how exciting fitting into a 16!! Amazing xx

  3. LOL I am addicted to my chiropractor as well, of course I am married to him.....anyways he is more familiar with the band then I am and so I just let him explain it to peeps sometimes when I'm asked about it!

    Don't beat yourself up over a few "sloppy food items" ~ we can't be 100% all of the time ~ if we could be we wouldn't need the band right?!

    You're doing great ~ keep it up!! ;-)

  4. I loved New Moon so much more than Twilight too! I can't wait to see it again ;)

    We all have our moments with food choices from time to time! Important this is to recognize it, learn from it, move on and improve next time.

    You Christmas cards are super cute! My husband and I ordered ours last week so I should scan mine and post them too!