Monday, November 2, 2009

Little bit of everything

This weekend was so much fun, maybe a little too much fun! My mom was here visiting, and I ate like crap! Just to prove to you how badly I ate here is the list: Friday: PF Changs fried chicken for lunch and nachos and pasta from cheesecake factory for dinner. Saturday I had chicken fingers and fries for lunch, and pulled pork for dinner. And yesterday I had a hot dog for lunch and 2 big slices for pizza for dinner. OOOPS! Oh well, back on track this week! Needless to say, I think I am ready for another fill! I don't want to be able to eat this much, I never got stuck or even un-comfortable after eating any of this.

I used my new heart rate monitor for the first time this morning at the gym and was pleasantly surprised. My heart rate maintained between 125-140, which is great! The monitor also told me my actual calories burned was 306, vs the 422 the elliptical told me!

So, one of my biggest fears right now is that Rick or I will get sick before leaving for Aruba in 5 DAYS! Last night I got the chills, like never before and a little bit of a fever. I started balling my eyes out, saying this is it....I have swine. To my surprise I woke up this morning feeling fine, just a small cough. I come to work this morning to find out, that a woman who was out last week (I thought she was on vacation) had swine! I just want to live in a bubble this week and have no people interaction :( It's fine if I get sick after the trip, I just don't want it now! I am going to continue taking airborne and my vitamins and hope I can fight if off for a few more days!


  1. No worries about all the yummy food, just get right back on track. It does sound like you could use another fill (like me!)

    Hope you do not get sick! So jealous, Aruba sounds awesome!

  2. Good for you....getting back on track! Hope that you don't get sick and that Aruba is absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Thats the way... have a break out (food not pimples lol) then get back on track. It's the only thing to do.
    Have fun In Aruba. I've never been there but it sounds magical. Lucky girl :)