Friday, October 30, 2009

*woof woof*

Happy Early Halloween everyone! Today we are celebrating Halloween @ my office, and were told to dress up and for anyone who has kids to bring them in and we would pass out candy. Well come to find out, I am the only one who took advantage of this and dressed up. REAL CUTE! And to top it off, there is only 1 kid coming in, and she is not coming till 4, I hope to be long gone by then! Oh well, I love my cute little puppy dog costume and am leaving it on all day and barking at people. When else will I get the chance to do this haha.

As for the weight loss front, this has NOT been a good week. Along with a few other bloggers, I must confess my eating habits have not been that of a good bandster this week :( I only went to the gym 3 days, and Wednesday night we ordered a pizza for dinner, and I had 2 slices of cheese from a large pizza. Yesterday for dinner I had a buffalo chicken wrap, which wasn't too bad for me, but not the best choice either...but then @ 11pm the leftover pizza was calling my name in the fridge and I had a slice :( Totally not needed, but SOOOOO good! Let's not even get started on the Halloween candy...I've probably had about 3 fun size kit kats, and 1 reeces PB cup. Thank god when I went to dunkin donuts this morning they were out of the Halloween sprinkled munchkins...that could have been disastrous!
My mom is coming down today to spend the weekend with me, I am so excited. I miss having her living close. We are going to a Bruins game tomorrow afternoon, and since I live about a mile from Salem MA (the Halloween capital) we will probably walk around there tomorrow night. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend! XOXO


  1. Look at how cute you are! Awesome that you dressed up even if no one else did.

    I hear you on the bad week of eating. No question we both need a fill from the sound of things.

    Have a fun weekend with your mom!

  2. lol cool outfit. I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Be safe.

  3. At least you had pizza! I ate 2 twinkies at the same time....I can't believe I am even admitting this....I feel soooooooooo guilty lol I just have to laugh to feel better lol