Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny Story

This is random, but I kind of got a chuckle out of it so I thought I'd share. A couple of week's ago I ordered special shampoo to get chlorine out of my hair, because the pool was wrecking havoc on it. Today at the gym when I was in the shower, I went to use the shampoo and when I squeezed to dispense it into my hand the bottom of the bottle flew off and shampoo exploded everywhere. Not the top where the cap is, but the bottom! I thought this was so strange and random, but was pretty pissed since I just bought this. Rick told me I should email the company and tell them what happened to see if I could get a new bottle. First thing this morning when I got to work, I emailed the company and told them what had happened and that I was disappointed in their quality of product. 2 hours later and I just received an email with a shipping confirmation....they are shipping me a new bottle! *YAY* It totally pays to voice your opinion. Even though this was just a small thing, it all adds up. Hope everyone is having a good day, it is really rainy and windy here, GROSS!


  1. I'm all for voicing your opinion...and it can be done in a nice way! I emailed a restaurant last week about a not so nice experience and this week I received $30 in gift certificates. FREE MEAL!

  2. I've also done this once or twice - Once I remember I brought a large pack of these chips - they come in little individual packs inside the big one - you know the kind, salt and vinegar and bbq and chicken etc. I got a check back for $5.76 lol whoooo (was kinda funny too, I was like. Wow.. I can now go shopping.. not!)

  3. Hi Kristen,
    I just found your blog and great job with fitting your workouts into your schedule! Also, I lived for a short time in South Berwick, Maine near Kittery/Eliot. Well, we are thinking about moving back, but moving near Seabrook NH. Any thoughts? I love Boston too but since we live outside L.A. we want the country life. Anyways, congrats on your success with the band:))))