Monday, October 5, 2009

it's one of those days....

All I feel like doing is crying, and I don't know why :( It all started this morning, Rick and I were supposed to go to the gym @ 6, but apparently he set the alarm for 5:50pm instead of am. I woke up around 7:30 screaming OMGGGGG. Then I was rushed getting ready and a half hour late to work, which sucked.

Now I'm thinking about what I want for lunch and am clueless. I got stuck twice yesterday, once from a potato and then from mac and cheese. I made shitty food choices all weekend, and am frustrated. I feel like I'm in a food rut. Nothing sounds good to me, and I need to make a list of healthy things I can start bringing for lunch. I was doing turkey rollups for a while but got sick of them. I wish I wasn't such a picky eater, then I would probably have a lot more options. What do you guys do for lunch? I'm thinking maybe I'll get a 6in turkey sub from subway on whole wheat with just turkey and a little cheese, and then remove the top piece of bread to make it an open faced sandwich. Is this a good choice? I don't even know :(

Please help me think of better choices!


  1. Hang in there! :) We all have tough days, weekends, weeks, etc. I had one of those days not so long ago! I got stuck (and PB'd) twice yesterday! I got so frustrated with myself. After 5 months of having the band you would think I would learn how to slow down and chew. But, nope....still a learning process. 27 years of bad habits can't be broken in 5 months. We are all going to have bad food choices from time to time. The best thing to do is to refocus and really remember why you had the band done in the first place. This is what I typically eat in a day (does vary day to day sometimes):
    Breakfast -- Muscle Milk Light Protein Shake
    Morning Snack -- 2 hard boiled eggs (I usually only eat one of the yolks if that since I'm not a huge fan of the yellow part)
    Lunch -- Usually leftovers from the previous night which is usually half of a seasoned chicken breast and a few veggies
    ***One thing I do get when I go out for lunch is either a small cup of chili or a turkey sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread.***
    Afternoon Snack -- either a Muscle Milk protein shake or a few almonds and 1/4 cup cottage cheese (lots of protein)
    Dinner -- usually chicken or seafood grilled or sauteed with some sort of veggies.

    Again, hang in there. We ALL go through really tough days. I was disappointed at myself for not getting up early this morning to workout, but I know its not the end of the world either since there are still plenty of hours left in the day. It's only 1 morning out of the rest of your life :)

  2. I love having cheese and wheatable crackers for lunch. make sure to make a baggie of cheese, and another baggie of crackers, or the crackers will get soggy.

  3. ((hugs)) I know the feeling!!!

    What I tend to do for lunch right now is lunch meats, pepperoni, string cheese, simple stuff for the most part. I just started buying Bumble bee tuna salad single serving packs. They are about a dollar (at least by me) and they are pretty yummy if you like tuna. They have crackers with them but don't have to eat them. Other things I have done are chicken salad from the deli. I love it with almonds in them. I will do a protein bar for breakfast. Atkins, Special K, etc... dinner is when I eat most of my calories.

    Again sorry you are having a shitty day. Only one way to go though right! :) SO by tonight it will hopefully be an AWESOME day.

    ((HUGS)) again!

  4. Sorry you had a crappy day! Did it get better?? I hope so.
    I am just coming off my mushy/soft food diet so no lunch suggestions, but hang in there!!

  5. Thanks for all the helpful tips, my day did get a little better. I had chicken for dinner, and felt like I was getting stuck a few times, but just slowed down and got through it!

    I think I'm going to pick up some of those sandwich thins to make sandwiches for lunch, we'll see how that goes! ((HUGS)) for everyone!

  6. Hey Kristen
    We all have times like this, hon.. we seriously do.. it's just a blip in the whole scheme of things and tomorrow.. well, hopefully it's another day! A better day.
    I just wrote what I had for my eating yesterday on my post this morning. Maybe something there will tweak you taste buds.
    Hugs.. and thinking of you xx

  7. I am feeling the same way you are regarding food right now! I've gotten off track and screwed myself up!