Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Complete 180

Today has been a really good day so far. Rick and I woke up @ 6AM today and headed to the gym. I did my usual pool routine, and he tried out the gym. He said he really liked it, and thinks he will like going with me a few mornings a week *yay* The only part he didn't like was the showers haha, I guess in the men's room they just have 1 giant shower for everyone, not stalls like the girls. Oh well, he can deal with it!

I had yogurt and string cheese for breakfast, and then brought left over chicken for lunch with sliced apples. YUM YUM. Steak is on the menu for tonight's dinner, I'll just have to remember to chew lots and eat slow. I should be OK.

This is a pic I took this afternoon. I thought I looked cute today. This is a new sweater dress I got at old navy, size XL wahooo! Hope everyone else is having a good day. XOXO


  1. Wow, looks really GOOD. That purple is great on you too.

  2. You look amazing! What a great color on you too!

  3. congrats on getting the fiancee to go to the gym. my husband paid his "fat tax" for months. that's what we call having a gym membership but never going.

  4. I love that colour purple and it looks great on you.. really pretty. You are looking good, sunshine and I'm so glad today has been a better day. My good thoughts for you must have worked ;)
    PS Can you please tell me what string cheese is? lol I have read you guys eat it in US but I can't figure out just what it is.

  5. Hey Kristen,
    Thanks for the answer on the string cheese. I must try and find some of that.. it sounds fun lol and healthy. I don't know if we have that over here, but next time I'm at the supermarket I'm hunting!

  6. Cute dress! Excuse me while I skip on over to the Old Navy site to copy you...;)