Thursday, October 1, 2009

2nd Fill

I don't even know where to start with this one....Alright, so I was scheduled to have my fill @ 4pm today, which meant I had to leave work @ 2:30 in order to catch a train and get to the hospital on time. I arrive @ the hospital @ 3:55 and check in. The receptionist says "oh didn't anyone call you, Corrine called out sick today." My eyes start watering and I say "um NO!" She then says "oh I'm sorry, we have rescheduled you for next Wednesday" I reply with "I don't think you understand....I just took UN-PAID time off from work to come here, this is not acceptable, there has to be someone else who can do it!" She agrees and tells me to stay put and she'll go check around. She comes back 5 minutes later and says that there is no one that can do my fill. I continue to have watery eyes and be irritated, she then says "OH, there is a surgeon here, maybe he can do it!" She goes and explains my situation to him and he agrees to do my fill!

I thank him profusely, he tells me no big deal, it was there mistake. I lay down and he asks me "so, how much do you want today??" I say EXCUSE ME?? How much do I want?? He mentioned Corrine had written 1cc for a fill today in her notes, he said that if I wanted more he would give it to me. So he put the needle in, nothing....trys a second time, nothing....trys a third time (I start whimpering), nothing finally he says "sweetie, please let me try one more time, I know I can get this" I agree, in goes the needle for the fourth time and I scream F@CK!! He starts laughing, and in goes the needle into the port! He ended up giving me 2.5 cc's making my total 4.5. After he said OK I'll see you next week probably right? I said um for what? He said well you'll need another fill. I said that I've always been told I need to wait 4-6 weeks before coming back for another. He starts laughing and says its a load of crap, and that I will know by next week if I need another fill and theres no reason to wait. This puts a HUGE smile on my face, I drank some water and off I went.

So liquids it is for today, and mushies tomorrow. I'm not feeling any difference as of yet, but hoping once the swelling goes down, I will feel something! I hope that I can make my future fill appointments with the same surgeon, he was awesome!


  1. OMG...that is crazy! Cool that he said a week was acceptable....can you request him?
    Just never heard of having them so close together??

  2. I'm glad you stood up for yourself and had them do your fill today. Look how good it turned out!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I had my lap band surgery in July and live in the Boston area as's just nice to know someone local is going through the same thing as me!
    Thanks for writing!

  4. Far out, what a mess.. I never understand why these people can't get their act together.. that said at least you did get it sorted, even if took four goes.. ouch!

  5. Ouch, FOUR tries, I'd have screamed too! After just one fill on Wednedsay and thankfully hit it on the first poke, I'm glad it will be a few weeks til the next one. My doc did say 3 options though. #1, son't make a dent, come back in 2 weeks, #2, helps restrict, schedule for 4 weeks, next fill, #3, too much fill, you'll be barfing a lot, get back in immediately for some unfill. So, a week or two for a next fill doesn't seem to ludicrous at this early stage. Now if we were on our 4th or 5th fill, I'd want to wait it out a little more than a week. Good for you..sticking to your guns, it paid off!

  6. Wow! Glad that all worked out for you!