Friday, October 2, 2009


AHHHH I had my first PB episode tonight!! I can't believe it. Serves me right for eating real food the day after a fill! I should have known better than to test the limits. It happened tonight @ dinner, my friends and I went to a chinese restaurant in chinatown. The plan was for me to just get egg drop soup....but then the poo poo platter and chicken lo mein came. I had my soup and it was terrible, so I tried some white rice, then some lo mein, then a chicken finger.... BAD NEWS. I immedietly felt this feeling like something was stuck in my throat, I announce to my friends OMG I think I'm stuck! All of a sudden I projectile PB into my napkin! I run to the bathroom and continue to get everything out. It was such a weird feeling, not like puking, just like whole food being stuck in my throat.

As sucky as this was, I am glad my first PB episode is over and I know what to expect when it happens again.


  1. EEK! PB'ing is SO not fun. I'm so glad you came out the other end ok.

  2. Came out ok? Pun, or no pun intended. :D Sorry, immature, but I couldn't resist.

    I've have a few of those projectile PB's myself. Not fun, but you always feel so much better when they're over.

    Sorry yours was so public though, that's always embarassing.