Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Rick and I went to a nice dinner tonight @ the Capital Grille, it was super yummy! We got mozzarella wrapped in Prosciutto for an appetizer, and for my entree I got Dry Aged Steak Au Poivre with a Courvoisier Cream Sauce, and a Berry Cheesecake for Dessert. I was only able to eat about 1/4 of the steak, but it was soooo yummy!

Onderland was hiding today for my weigh in for the love myself challenge. I weighed in at 200.1, but that's OK I know I had ton of sodium yesterday, and it will come out of hiding soon. That means that I lost a little over 3 lbs this week though! woo-hoo!

I am loving the Olympics being on TV, they are so fun to watch. Rick's sister is actually in Vancouver working at them, and has sent me a ton of pictures. She does Tech. Support for USA Today newspaper, so she is there to support all the reporters, how cool is that??

I desperately needed to buy new works pants this weekend, since mine were becoming very saggy and inappropriate. I went to kohls yesterday and wasn't able to find any 18's or 16's in petites that looked good, so I was very frustrated. Tonight after dinner, I was able to run into New York & Company and they were running a fantastic sale, Buy 1 get 1 free pants! I was able to get (2) pairs of 18 petites that look great! I should be all set for a month or 2 now!

Another cool thing that happened today was I was able to meet one of Rick's cousin's for the first time. She had gastric sleeve surgery about a month before I was banded. She lives in Ohio, so we don't get to see her much. She is doing AMAZING, and is down about 90 lbs so far! It is sometimes hard for me, because his grandparents don't understand the difference of our surgeries, and compare our loss and wonder why she has lost so much more then me. It's OK though, I know they are older and just want the best for the both of us. We are both doing super, and are doing what we needed to do to better our lives and will both get there in our own time.


  1. You are doing so well and I can see a big difference in your photos. Well done

  2. You look beautiful Kristen!!! I texted Nicole and said we should pick a date in March when you guys can drive down here and we can do brunch! xoxo

  3. You have really made some visual progress, I see a totally new Kristen! Way to go, you are doing a great job. You'll hit onederland soon!

  4. why is my friend so freaking hot?! love you!

  5. Well done on the scales.. your doing amazingly!!! Your photos looks fab xx

  6. LOVE this picture of you two :) We need our double date soon! And you are doing amazing!!!

  7. Wow you look amazing! Seriously! Thin and for some reason...rather tall! Great picture and you din din sounds delicious!