Thursday, February 25, 2010

Successful trip to the Dr's!!

I am so excited right now! My new ob/gyn was AMAZING! He was super flamboyant and very animated and sincere. I immediately felt at ease with him, such a relief! I told him about my band, and my concern for a high risk pregnancy. He said he has had many band patients, and never had any issues. He said that he'd like to see me lose another 50lbs or so before trying to conceive, which shouldn't be an issue since we don't plan on trying for a few years. He also mentioned that a lot of times with overweight patients he tends to have to do c-sections because of the fat distribution?? Not sure what that meant, but I know I will not be an overweight pregnant woman when the time is right, so I am happy! We also talked about all of my spotting issues, and he doesn't think it is due to the nuva ring, he said um hello you just lost 50lbs...your body is in shock and adjusting to the changes...makes sense. He also said if it doesn't clear up within 2-3 months to go back and they will do a little more investigating on the issue. I feel so relieved and confident.

Thank you so much for all your comments yesterday, it helped to know that everyone else was told pregnancy shouldn't be an issue!!


  1. Isn't it nice to find a doctor you click with when you have to discuss such personal issues with your personal space... I love my doctor too. :)

  2. It's so nice to have a good obgyn. I know my cycle has been a little crazy lately too.

  3. hey Kristin - glad you have a good doc... makes all the difference in the world! In terms of your question about the black boots, I ordered them from Woman Within - they have wide calf boots - and they are all on sale right now... PLUS if you google coupons, I got a code for an additional 40% off the sale price, so I got leather boots with shipping for about $45! Whoo Hooo! I'll let you know how they work when they come in.