Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stuckities and girly problems

So today was not the best band day I've ever had....For breakfast I have a new obsession that I am not so happy with: Dunkin Donuts, Iced Mocha Coffee with skim milk and splenda. It is basically an iced coffee with chocolate syrup mixed in...SO GOOD! A medium has around 150 calories, so if I budget my calories wisely for the day it doesn't kill me, but isn't the best decision. I also had some plain oatmeal with brown sugar and almonds around 10ish. Here is where it gets bad, I bought chicken teriyaki for lunch, I had about 2 bites and felt stuck...I ended up sliming/PB'ing for 4 HOURS! By far my worse stuck episode ever...I got really scared that I was going to have to go get an unfill. I ended up talking to Angie and explaining how I was feeling with tightness in my chest and constant sliming. She too felt I might need to get an unfill, she told me one last thing to try...sick my fingers down my throat. I'm like WTF....I've been sliming for 4 hours, I highly doubt this is going to help, but feeling hopeless I gave it a whirl. I go to the bathroom @ work, get on all 4's and give it shot...All of a sudden a chunk of chicken comes flying out, and I feel immediate relief!! I can't believe it worked, crossing my fingers I didn't do any band damage. I feel like I should get an upper GI at some point just to check on clinic doesn't usually do this test for no reason, but I feel like with all the PB'ing I've done I should get things checked out, just to make sure. We will see. I have an appointment on March 8th and I will mention it and see what they say. I know you all must be thinking that I am too tight...but I actually feel I need a small fill but am not sure. I have a hard time eating and PB very easily, but I never stay full for long and feel like I'm always hungry. Not sure what that means.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new Ob/Gyn, I have just been seeing my PCP for that stuff up until now, but for the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been spotting, which is very un-like me. I use the nuva ring for birth control and have for about 4 months and never had any issues, but maybe this spotting is due to that, or maybe it's due to losing 50lbs?? I don't know, I just want to be fixed! I was also told during pre-op that when I get pregnant it will be a high risk pregnancy due to the band...not sure if that's true or not, but I thought it would be good to find an OB that I'm comfortable with, who knows my history so when it is time there aren't any surprises.

So many wondeful bodily functions to deal with lol. Hope everyone is having a good night! xxoo


  1. I'm glad my advice helped - definitely not a healthy habit, but it's saved me a few times. Love you muffin!

  2. After reading your post I went trawling through the blogs to find one I had come across where someone is pregnant with the band.

    Found it!!

    Maybe her journey might be interesting for you :-)

  3. glad you got "un-stuck"! what a terrible day, hope you get to relax tonight and recover :)

  4. One of the benefits of the band is that you can get pregnant and eat adequately while pregnant. That's one of the reasons it is recommended for younger women without children. I had a lot of spotting with nuva ring. Had to stop using it.

  5. I got the band in order to get pregnant (at least that's one reason) and i've certainly heard nothing of the sort about being high risk. And I've talked extensively to several doctors about it. As for getting stuck all the time, one of the blogs posted recently on signs that you're too tight in regard to fills. Might be worth a quick web search. If you're getting stuck all the time, I wouldnt get another fill. That can lead to problems.

    If you're hungry, perhaps stick to no sugars/carbs and just proteins. and no drinks when eating. Just trying to think of tips i was given for staying full longer. Caffeine and sugar definitely makes me hungry fast too. I'm a total sucker for Dunkin! Good luck!

  6. 4 hours...I can't even imagine!

    Here's a thought: If you are having a hard time eating but getting hungry, could it be that because it is so hard to eat, you're not eating enough to get and keep you full? Maybe if you could eat a bit more, more easily, you would get and stay full. Just a thought...

  7. High risk pregnancy?? That is the first I have ever heard of Heather did I researched a lot about pregnancy and the band and there is absolutely no risk to the pregnancy..that is quite scary that your doc said that

  8. Weird your doc said that about pregnancy. I saw three docs before I had my band and they all said that it's totally doable to have a regular pregnancy...they just open up the band most or all of the way. Hope everything goes well at your appt!

  9. Sorry about your stuck on chicken day! I would be careful about getting more fill. It sounds like you may end up being too tight. The nutritionist has told me that to stay full longer and get that satisfied feeling to stick with foods that are as far away from slider/mushy foods as possible. So choosing to eat fajita chicken and veggies instead of an enchilada (I love Mexican food ;)).

    So I am another one of those girls that got the band to lose weight to hopefully get pregnant. My OB said once my weight came down I wouldn't be high risk at all anymore. I've also been told that they don't even have to adjust your band until it is completely necessary. As long as you can get in 1800 calories per day with your band at its current fill - no unfill is necessary. My docs have suggested that if I am having a lot of morning sickness or if it gets too uncomfortable, they will discuss the unfill. But high risk I will not be!!

  10. That's awful that your doc said that. I too got banded in anticipation of getting pregnant. I've since changed my mind and don't know if I want kids at all. But that's the ONLY reason I didn't do gastric bypass. That would be a high risk pregnancy because you wouldn't be able to eat enough food. However, I hadn't heard about the 1800 calories thing. Should I decide to have children I'll have to ask my doc about that.

    I do know that's bunk about high risk pregnancy. So sorry your doctor said that to you.

    I have also stuck my finger down my throat to fix a few stuck issues. I don't do it often and I know that my band hasn't slipped cuz I only get stuck rarely. If I eat something I'm not suppose to, or eat to fast.

    Hope things get better for you. By the way, I'm at