Monday, May 31, 2010

*Hot Summer Meltdown* Participants (working list)

Hey Pretty Ladies! Happy Memorial Day!!

I want to thank Jess for coming up with an awesome challenge name, I think Hot Summer Meltdown sounds PERFECT! And like Gilly said, sounds kind of dirty lol. Love you guys! Here is a working list of everyone who I have heard from that is interested in participating and received PayPal $ from, lots of newbies- which I love!! Please let me know if I'm missing anyone's names!

**CLARIFICATION** As for a scale picture, I don't need a body or face shot, just a picture of the scale and number! :)

1) Liz- Mine & Betty's LapBaNd JoUrNey!
2) Janice- Banded and Blogging
3) Grace- Grace's Fat Chance
4) Beth- I'm ready to become the woman I want to be for the Rest of my Life
5) Jess P- The Little Bandit
6) Fiona- The Incredible Shrinking Woman
7) Sally- Ramblings from the Other Side...
8) Maria- Last Train out of Fat Land
9) Carmen- I'm with the band...
10) T.J- Metamorphic Journey
11) Mary- Being a Winner by Being a Loser
12) Janelle- Lap Band Living
13) Heather- Am I actually doing this?
14) Bonnie- Wishing and Hoping and Praying for a Band
15) Suzi- A new me!
16) Jessica D- The Misguided Adventures of a Five Foot Foodie
17) Linda- Linda's Bandwidth
18) Samantha- Banded for Me
19) Leslie- Band Sweet Band
20) Amy S- The Self Examination of a Butterfly
21)Nicole- Better Banded
22)Katherine-The Secret Diaries Of....
23)Jenn W- Life's Little Journey
24)Sarah F- Losing Weight, Gaining Tons
25)Joey- Volume Control
26)Colleen- This time I mean it
27)Stephanie J- Dreams of Skinny High Heels
28)Alexis- The Swenson Family
29) Jacquie- Can't wait to lose it with the Band!
30)Robin- Robin's Band Theory
31) Kelly- Kelly and the BANDit
32) Gail- Gail's Journey
33) Camille- Living Large in C.C
34) Tanya- Life of Lively
35) Kristin- catchy title here
36) Stephanie M- Electric LadyBand
37) Tori- The Winding Road to Parenthood
38) Erini- My Big Fat Life Blog
39) Gillian- something something something Fat Chick
40) Amy C- Babbles of a Bandster
42) Heather- Beautiful Inside and Out
43) Perry- Pie in Progress
44) Tracy- One Foodie's Band Quest
45) Traviaun- HotDogs N HamBurgers...
46) Kelly- The new me is coming out
47) Jennifer S- A Southern Girls Journey
48) Bianca- Breaking free from my self imposed exile
49)Kim- My Pursuit of Skinnyness
50) Yana- Girl meets band

***those in RED I still need $$$ from*** xoxoxo


  1. Whoo-hoo! I'm excited to start :)

  2. I so want in!! I don't quite have an access to PayPal right now...maybe by Wednesday I can.... :)

  3. I am in! Donation made. Looking forward to the challenge.

  4. I'm going to paypal you now - Thanks!


  5. Ecellent name...thanks again Kristen

  6. Kristen- I'm in, I just donated.

  7. Glad to offer a name that works! Can't wait to see the widget!! And thanks again Kristen, for hosting.

  8. i'd love to do it, but i'm having pretty major surgery in july and in my family that is the quickest way to lose weight. i actually don't think it would be fair to everyone else. i'll be keeping up with everyone's progress though.

  9. Dont forget me !! xxx

  10. Me too please, donation made. Looking forward to this challenge.


  11. Donation made! Thanks for doing this again, I love the name!

  12. yayy!! hmmm...i'm trying to decide who is going to be my rival, who am i going to smack talk to? lol

  13. I am so excited to start this and thanks for the clarification on the scale picture!

  14. Oh and Carmen you can smack talk ME because I plan on dominating!! hahahah

  15. I'm in - just sent the money!!!

  16. I'm in too - just sent the $!

  17. Sign me up! I'm having issues with Pay Pal right now not accepting my new phone number so I will pay as soon as I get it resolved!

  18. I just sent you an email with my info and just sent the money. Stephanie

  19. I am in and will get the $ sent later tonight..thanks for hosting again.

  20. I'm a comin'! I just don't want to weigh in too soon! Maybe I should though so my #'s will look better...hmmm...

  21. Hi, I'd like to join in but don't have a blog right now, is that still possible?


  22. and what is your email address for paypal? thanks

  23. @ Gilly, you don't need to send me your weight until Sunday silly, so sign up anytime!

    @ Bandster, Yes you can still join. The link to paypal is on the side of my blog where it says 'donate'. Just send me an email with your name and so I have your email addy.

  24. I'm in! I will send the paypal $ asap :)

  25. Kristen, I just sent my money. Paypal account creyton411. My blog is

    Thanks for doing this!

  26. Hi Kristen, I'm in! Sent the $$ this evening.
    ~Kristin, catchytitlehere

  27. Woot woot! Finally got paypal to work for me! Just sent the $$ now!

  28. Hey everyone! Is this only open to people in the USA? I'm in the uk xnd would love to take part!! Xx

  29. @ Kelly- No it is open to everyone :)

  30. hey kristen thank you!!! i just sent the money to you! :)

    i'll email you now honey...
    thank you
    kelly x

  31. hey kristen, dont know where to email! haha...soo heres my details...

    the payment came from paypal name Rebecca Kelly
    my blog is "the new me is coming out"

    ohh im so excited..i cant wait to get sorted!! and this'll really help me keep on track whilst waiting for fills!!! thank you so much for organising this!
    kelly xx

  32. Hi lovely sent you an email ...