Monday, May 24, 2010

Q&A and Challenge Vote!

A few of you asked to see the total amount of fat lost during the challenge. The answer is 357.3lbs! That's 33 girls over a period of 9 weeks! The weight loss ranged from 35lbs lost total to 2lbs lost, so we really were all over the place but averages to be about 10.8 lbs per person over the course of the challenge. Not to shabby!

Ask and you shall receive! I had a lot of requests for an earlier challenge, a lot of you suggesting June 6th. That is absolutely fine with me, but felt it would be nice to open it up for a vote! Vote below in the poll, polling will end on Sunday, May 30th :)


  1. ohh I'm starting to get amped, y'all don't even know how competetive I am, maybe this will push me to be a lean mean fat fighting machine!!!

  2. wow! that is a lot of weight! Kudos to those who participated.