Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 7 Challenge Results

The winner this week was Dawn with a 3% loss! Great job Dawn! Welcome to Onederland!

I also want to give a shout out to Amy C, she lost 6lbs this week, and has so far lost the most amount of lbs this challenge. I know we are going by percent, but she is doing an AMAZING job and deserves a pat on the back!

As a group we lost, 32 lbs this week! My prediction of losing a lot one week, and a little the next was wrong, we stayed pretty much the same from last week to this week. We only have 2 weeks left of the challenge ladies, lets kick this up a notch! I say we set a goal to lose 45lbs next week, who's with me?!?

I know I certainly didn't help this week, with my .5 gain...I am due for a week with a good loss. I'm hereby pledging to do my part in making this a great week for us! Lots of love, keep up the great work! xxoo


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I just want everyone to know that Kristen was being nice, because every week I send her my weight, I whine about "Is it finally my week to win?" LOL She probably figured if she gave me a shout out, I'd quite whining. Little does she know, whining is my MO...

    Joey - I am coming for you!!!!!

    Congrats to everyone! We have all done an amazing job...the interwebs is a powerful support system. ;)

  2. Dammit Amy W! You stole second from me. That's it, I'm getting a fill tomorrow. (It's been scheduled for 6 weeks.)

    Amy C...way to go kiddo. I'm whole-heartedly rooting for your success. I think you're awesome.

    Yay Dawn for a fabulous week!

    Hang in there Kristen. You've lost 60 pounds to date...that's more than half way to your goal. You're seriously doing awesome.

  3. Oh hold it, Amy C stole second...about rooting for you. Um....
    Amy W's right on my ass though. What's new.

  4. Amy,

    I wonder how much we have lost total so far... 250# maybe? That's like two 8th graders!

  5. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for all of us....We are all winners :)

  6. (sigh)... can I remove myself from this competition?!?!? JK - but there is a tad bit of truth. At this point, my Memorial Day goal is to get under 200!!! Ugh to my scale.

  7. Yea Dawn & Amy! I'm totally due for a good week (hopefully).

  8. Sorry I have not been reporting! I am pretty stuck. So whatever number you have, its probably close to where I am now!