Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 6 Challenge Update

Hey Pretty Ladies,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still waiting for about 5 weights for this week, so I don't want to post the chart just yet.....but I know everyone is dying to know how we did this week!

As of right now, we are down 40.8 lbs this week!!! FANTASTIC!

So proud of all you lovely ladies, I will post the chart as soon as I hear back from a few people, and it will let you know who the biggest loser of the week is!

Just a hint though....So far the biggest loser this week, lost 10 lbs....Can you guess who??



  1. Who? Is she pretty? Do I know her? I bet she is funny.

    You did get my picture of the damn scale I sent on FB right?

  2. I think shes GORGEOUS, even though I am a bit envious of her! And yes, I did get the picture and I screamed at it! (kisses)

  3. i'm gonna kick the skinny bitch's ass. she may have a few pounds on me but I got inches... she's going DOWN.

  4. Did you get mine? I sent it last night since I wasn't home from being out of town until about 7 or so last night.

    Mmmmm.....that pretty lady deserves her 10 pounds this week even though she better share some of that love this coming week for me since I was NAUGHTY this weekend!

  5. I was going to make a threat of violence on the offender but there's a possibility it's me. Hmmmm.

  6. i stayed the same this weekend. but i know it was because of the races. i'll take it though. had an amazing time!
    great job "pretty lady who lost 10 pounds".

  7. If it's Joey, I am going to frickin' scream! LOL Congrats to the pretty lady!

  8. it Amy or is it is not me but could be next week!!! Hint hint....