Tuesday, May 11, 2010

*Life Update*

Since I feel a little scatter brained this morning (what's new?), I think I will do another post in bullet fashion, I feel like there's a lot going on in my life right now, but nothing too big, I just need to let it all out :)

Mother's Day- My mom came to visit this past weekend for mother's day. This is a picture of the 2 of us. She is my best friend, and I am so lucky to have her. She lives 2 and 1/2 hours away, so it can be tough sometimes not having her close by, but it makes the time I do get to spend with her that much more special. We didn't get to do our 5K on Saturday, due to the weather but we did go to the casino!! haha. I won $20 so it was a success!

Job- Yesterday I got some pretty exciting news at work, I got a promotion! I started at my company (advertising agency) 2 years ago this July. I was hired on to do meeting and event planning, but my title was always Administrative Assistant. Our office has continually gotten smaller over the past 2 years, when I started we had about 20 people, now we are down to 10. I made it through the worst of it, proved myself, and have now gotten rewarded. My new title is Account Coordinator. This is basically a entry level advertising job. I will start working with our client more directly, and learn the basics of advertising. I'm not sure if this is something I want to make a career out of, but I am grateful to be given the opportunity to learn more about it. The way I see it, is I am still really young and its OK to not know what I want to do 'when I grow up.' This will be a great thing to add to my resume, and hopefully give me some insight as to what I enjoy doing. A little about my background: I went to college for event planning, and thought I loved it. When I graduated college I was recruited by Marriott, and placed into a managerial position. I wasn't prepared to be a manager, and was thrown into the fire way to soon. I burnt out quickly, and started to hate my job so much that I would cry daily while working. I quit one day, without giving it much thought and will never look back at a hotel career. I still love event planning, but this taught me I enjoy the corporate aspect, not so much the social aspect of the industry. Sorry for that rant :)

Weight- On the weight front, I am the same weight today that I was on my birthday, April 8th. I'm not sure how to feel about that...Yes, I haven't been eating the best, but I've also been making a good effort at exercising. 188 is a nice number, but I don't want to stay here, it's not where I belong. I have a lot more to lose before stopping. I was supposed to have a fill yesterday but I cancelled it. I felt that I had enough restriction, that it wasn't needed. Come to find out, I'm not so sure if that's the case....On Sunday night, I ate 3 slices of a large cheese pizza, WTF! I can't even remember the last time I was able to eat bread without getting sick. I'm not sure if it was just a fluke day of my band being loose, or if I truly do need a fill. I am going to wait it out a couple of weeks and see how I feel. Prior to this binge, I had been PB'ing a lot, so I don't want to mess around with things.

Relationship- GUESS WHAT?!?! Next Friday is Rick and I's negative one year anniversary! Meaning, one year from then we will be getting MARRIED! I am so excited. I feel like we've been engaged for so long, I am ready to get married and start our married life together. So much planning has gone into this 1 day, I am ready to see it come together. So far we have our church, reception venue, and photographer booked. We are looking to do our DJ soon, and thennnnnn DRESS SHOPPING next month! I am so excited for the dress shopping! Although, I feel like it may be difficult, because who knows what size I will be next May. I know the dress can be alliterated and all, but its still kind of scary not knowing how it will look when I am whatever size I will be then.

Challenge- Someone commented on the challenge post yesterday wondering how much weight we've lost as a group so far, and I wanted to answer that question. The answer is 281 pounds! Whenever you get discouraged, think about that! Truly AMAZING!

Love you all! xxoo


  1. You look great in your pic!! Congrats on your promotion!! The fact that you've made it through the worst and they promoted you speaks volumes on how they value you as an employee!! Good job!!!

  2. Congrats to you! I love the pic with your mom!

  3. Hey Skinny Bitch! You look great! Congrats on the promotion! I have been working in Accounting since I was 18 and I have been the Financial Controller for two companies in the last ten years. My point - I STILL have no idea what I want to do when I grow up! I actually have wanted to something in event planning or graphic design ever since I got married. I planned the whole wedding and created my own invitations. I think I would be more interested in corporate events since I have been in the corporate environment for so long. Anyway, it is great that you are getting the opportunity to learn about marketing, good luck!

    This darn band can be so touchy! I really do find it hard to read sometimes. I hope you get some clarification over the next couple of days.

    One year away, so exciting! Whatever you picture yourself to look like by that time, times that by 1,000! You will be such a beautiful, skinny bride!

    Wow, that's a lot of weight everyone! Keep up the good work! <3

  4. I feel like such a slacker compared to you when it comes to wedding planning. I am only 2 months away from the big day...and still haven't got the DJ. I just got the dress a couple of weeks ago (I don't know if you read that post of mine?). Yea on seeing your mom and the new job!!!!

  5. Happy almost negative 1 year anniversary. (That's so funny.)
    Glad you had a nice time with your mom. My mom is my BFF too.

  6. Good update. 281 lbs in total for the group is amazing. We rock (I didn't take part but I feel proud all the same!).

    Happy almost 1 year negative anniversary!!! I wodner if Hallmark makes cards for that ;-)

  7. all your exciting updates makes me so happy for you!! I would love to go dress shopping with you :)

  8. Congrats on the job and the negative wedding anniversary. I only found my career last year at 40 and what a difference it makes to your working life....I love it. Don't stress the weight loss will come!!!

  9. the photo of you and the mommy. Congrats on the job and upcoming wedding! Everything is comin' up Kristen!