Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Challenge Week 6 Results

Helllllllo ladies! I have finally completed this week's graph and am so proud of all of us!

This weeks winner is Kelly- The new me is coming out. She lost an amazing 2.1% WAHOOOO! Kelly is doing an terrific job, she lost this weight while away on vacation, now that's dedication! She just had surgery in May, so I'm sure we can expect big things for this girl. Great job!

Now for the total group weight loss, we lost 48.2lbs this week, bringing us to a total of 391.3!!

As for sweaty pretzel man- Thank you all so much for your hilarious comments. I am so glad that so many of you could relate in one way or another. This is how I ended up handling it, I sent out an email to the entire office that said:

Today when I arrived at work I noticed that some food behind my desk had been opened and not closed. I just wanted to remind everyone that things behind my desk are my own personal belongings, if there is something that I would like to share with the office it will be on the table in front of my desk (i.e jolly ranchers) Thank you so much for understanding.

So I think this will do the trick, I took the highest road possible that I could think of while still getting my point across. Hope it works!



  1. Congratulations Kelly! As always, Kristen, thanks for spearheading this. It's a big job, and you do it well. Cheers!

  2. good job on the group email kdog.

  3. Congratulations Kelly. I'm not bitter that I've been on liquids since Thursday, had surgery on Friday and you still beat me WHILE VACATIONING!! Ooops, sorry I didn't mean to yell. In all seriousness, I am so happy the band is working for you and once I get mine working, I hope I will be as successful.

  4. Congrats Kelly!!! You rock!

  5. Thank you so much for tracking us all and big woop woop to Kelly.

  6. Good going Kelly. And good job week we'll have lost over 400 pounds!!! Amazing.

  7. wooo hehe thanks guys!! im really last week i only last like 0.44 lbs....yesss not even half a lb last definatley made up for it this week... :) !!! we've all lost so much weight go team!!!!xxxx