Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 8 Challenge Results EDITED

Morning Ladies, Here is this weeks challenge results.

The winner for this week is: Mary- Being a winner, by being a loser Mary lost 2.2% this week, awesome job chicka! She has lost over 43lbs since she started this journey, and I think we can expect big things from her. Keep up the great work Mary!

As a total we lost 22.5lbs this week. EEEEEEK! Definitely not our best week ladies- let's kick this up a notch and finish with a bang. For the entire challenge we have lost as a group 477.3lbs. I would really love to see us finish at the 500lb loss mark. This would be we would have to lose 22.7lbs this week, which is under 1lb per person. I am confident we can do this!

Lots of love, hope everyone is having a fantastic week! xxoo


  1. Good job everyone! I am sorry that I gained a lb, I am sure that did not help :( <3

  2. We only lost 12 lbs?? Is that right??

  3. Yes Gilly- Unfortunately it is right :( Although a few people lost big #'s this week, a lot of people gained this week balancing out to be a 12 lb loss.

  4. I'm in for my pound this week!!!

  5. What happened to my graph? did I email you the wrong number? I think I may have...seriously! Oh shit..I should not be in the negative. did I type 233? It should have been holding steady at 223. I hope this didn't screw things up...

  6. All set Steph- No worries! xxoo