Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Challenge Week 7 Results

Congratulations to Grace- from Grace's Fat Chance. She lost a whopping 3.2% this week! Grace has had a rough couple of months from nerve pains, breakups, internship issues and even going through the process of applying to grad school and just getting ACCEPTED! With all of this on her plate she has overcome a lot of these problems and continues to lose weight at a rapid pace and lead the challenge. Grace, I am so proud of you for everything you have accomplished, and I'm sure everyone else is too. You deserve this!

With this impressive loss it brings the group to a total loss for the week of 65.9lbs and a total loss for the challenge of 455lbs! HOLY SHIT! That is impressive!

BREAKING NEWS: I emailed a few of you for weights yesterday stating that this was the last week of the challenge and that pictures of the scales were due next week...apparently I am 1 week ahead of myself. OOOPS! Please note- We have 2 weeks left of the challenge, and pictures of the scale are not due until Sunday, August 1st. So sorry for the confusion!

Happy Losing Everyone, I'm so proud of you all!!!!!!!!


  1. That chart is just so cool looking! Thank you Kristen for taking the time out of YOUR life to do this. It's awesome!

    And congrats Grace for beatin' my ass! :D You are doing wonderful and I'm very proud of you! You motivate me to do BETTEr to try to catch up to you! ;)

  2. Congratulations Grace! And congrats to everyone for plugging away and chipping the weight off, little by little.

  3. Thank you Kristen for the awesome shout-out! I couldn't do any of this without all of your support! :)

  4. I meant - yea Grace! I'm tired. :)