Monday, July 12, 2010

Fill Update and Opinions Needed

I had my appointment today with my nurse practitioner for a checkup and fill if needed. We discussed my restriction level and decided to go ahead with a .1 fill. She got the needle right in on the first try which was great! I asked her if the humidity could have anything to do with me being so much tighter on some days and she said she didn't believe so. She thinks the major factor in sudden tightness all stems from stress. This definitely could be the case, but who knows. I weighed in @ 182.4 which is 13lbs down from my last appointment 13 weeks ago. She was very happy with this progress and so am I. I also asked her about a possible un-fill in September when I go on my cruise, she didn't like this too much and said no. She did have me schedule an appointment with her for right before I leave to make sure I am at a comfortable restriction level. I guess we'll play it by ear. With this .1 fill it brings me to 7.1 total cc's in my 10cc band. As soon as I left my appointment I went and got a coffee coolata with skim milk..high in sugar but oh so good and it went down just fine. For dinner I just had baked potato soup from panera and it was DELISH!

OK so I need some opinions, a very strange thing happened at work today. I brought a bag of pretzels to work today and placed them on top of a cabinet behind my desk, mind you I am in a cube so all of this is out in the open. I work in a pretty small office, about 15 people total, but there are multiple companies within my office suite. One of the companies hired a new person last week, a very sweaty gross looking man. So I leave for my fill appointment around 12 today, and around 3 I get a call from my coworker who is in hysterics laughing. I guess so called sweaty man, went BEHIND my desk and opened my bag of pretzels, ripped the bag down the middle, grabbed a handful of them and then walked away without closing the bag. I don't even know this man! I've said hi and introduced myself, but that's all! The thing is, he is the vice president for this other company in my suite and I don't know if I should say something. I don't want to be the fatty that yells at someone for stealing her pretzels, but he needs to know this isn't OK! So what do I do? Should I send out an email to the entire office saying someone opened my pretzels and that's not OK, do I send an email to just him, do I go and talk to him in person? This is the most award situation EVER lol.

Challenge Update: I am waiting for a few more weigh-in's, but I should be able to post the graph tomorrow!!



  1. How rude! You need to buy another bag and give it to him. Just say that you completely don't mind sharing, but to please just ask next time. Tell him that when you hand him the bag of pretzels and do it really nice and sweet. He'll feel like an idiot.

  2. I'd just forget about the pretzel's and throw the rest of the bag out. You don't know where his hands had been (ask Drazil about exploding man!). From now on just put any food items in a drawer. Some people are funny and steal food-even from the fridge. Never figured it out but they don't seem to get it even if you told them. Sort of like telling people to cover their food when they use the microwave. Let it pass and learn not to leave any food out. Do you have a lock drawer? Maybe I sound awful for thinking that way but my new mantra is "It doesn't matter".

  3. my np told me that there was absolutely an effect on the band by the humidity...everyone has a different "story" lol but since i'm in new england as well, let's go with my np ok? lol

    i <3 the baked potato soup @ panera!! i had the chicken tortilla the other day and it was pretty good!

  4. Ewww - I hate that office stuff, but best to let it go I guess. Just put your food away from now on. I think the weather has been affecting my band, because you know how when you retain water during your period and you're tight? Well the humidity is making my fingers swell like crazy, so why wouldn't it be the same for this retention? Just my opinion.

  5. Great news on the loss, 1 lb a week is awesome progress!

    About the rudest man ever...I like Camille's idea but there is also the old Oreo trick where you replace the filling with lard and visine in any liquid will give him the screaming butt faucet...just in case the high road doesn't work for you!

  6. Wow - can't believe he would do that!!!

    I think I would probably just hide my food from now on - lol!

    (and yep I agree with Sandy Lee I'd throw the rest of the bag away - ewwwwww!!)

  7. I agree with everyone. Throw the bag away. Just think he may have just come from the bathroom and the idea of his hands being in certian places is less than appetizing. Gag! We had a food stealer from our office kitchen fridge and I posted a big note on the door telling them to stop taking food that didn't belong to them and that karma was a bitch and their mother should have taught them better. Yeah it was harsh, but it had gone on for months!

    I would buy him a bag and say that you hear he liked your pretzels so much, you'd get his own bag. I guarantee he would never do that again.

  8. Lock up the food. You need to tell him, hey dude, i don't get much.....seriously, i think just throw it away.

  9. I totally agree with Camille's advice!!!