Sunday, August 30, 2009


YAYYYY I finally feel myself! This weekend has been absolutely amazing! I am 16 days post-op today.

So.....I ate REAL FOOD this weekend and had a glass of WINE, and it felt sooo good!!

So I know I looked as if I was being really strong with all the temptations, but I finally caved. Rick and I went to a wedding this weekend at a fancy Boston hotel. They had an open bar, and delicious food. I helped myself to a glass of Chardonnay and it went down no problem! For dinner I had a caprese salad and ate just the mozzarella. This was followed by chicken and mashed potatoes. I ate about half of the breast and gave the other half to Rick. I had no problems with this going down and no discomfort! We danced the night away and today I am still feeling good.

Friday started my week 3 diet which is supposed to consist of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, oatmeal, ricotta and cottage cheese and everything else from the past weeks. I just couldn't take these mushies anymore! I wanted real food so bad! I am going to try to stick to the mushies for the rest of the week though. I want to make sure I am healing up nice and good.

My first fill is right around the corner, September 11th. Hard to believe!! I hope everyone else had as good as a weekend as me! xoxo


  1. Sounds like you had a ball! And well done eating and not getting stuck. Makes all the difference :)

  2. You should post a pic, it would be great to SEE how good you feel!