Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I want a hot fudge sundae :(

Only 2 more days! These past few days have been super rough! It seems like all anyone is talking about is ice cream, seriously I dont think i've ever heard so many people talk about getting ice cream. I am being strong though, I can do it! I've made it 12 days without caving in, 2 more should be simple. I am down 15 lbs since starting this whole process, woo hoo!

Tomorrow I can call the hospital and see what time my surgery is scheduled. Keeping my fingers crossed it's 7am and not 4pm! I will update as soon as I know. Also, today I get to start washing my belly with the special soap, yay it's so close!


  1. You're doing amazingly well. Hang on for that two more days and you can say.. 'I made it!' AND without icecream!
    Yehaaaa.. and not long now till it all happens. Best of luck Doll.

  2. Woohoooo, before you know it you'll be rocking that band! Hold tight to your willpower and you will do it. I'll need your support on my liquids which begin on Saturday! YIKES, we'll be just two weeks apart! Stay strong!

  3. I just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I get my fill at 11 so by then I am sure you will be in the recovery room. As soon as you are feeling well enough log onto the email at lahey and let me know how you are!

  4. Thanks everyone for all of your support. I found out today my surgery is @ 7:30 tomorrow morning, and I am to be at the hospital @ 5:45. I'm getting ready for bed, and can't wait to wake up and get this show on the road. Goodbye back fat, hello lap band! :)Love you all, xxoo