Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So the diarrhea has continued, I have tried whey protein, soy protein, sugar free carnation instant breakfast, and even from my soup broths. I called the nutritionist and she said that she thinks it may be from the antibiotics they gave me during surgery. She said that sometimes they wipe out the good bacteria and this is a result of that. She talked to my surgeon and I guess the best thing is for me to come back to the hospital today and give them a stool sample :( How frigen gross! But I guess I need to do what I gotta do to get better. I will update later on when I know more! xxoo


  1. I am two weeks post-op today and today is the first day I have not had diarrhea (I know....TMI). I just figured it was realted to the shock that my body had been thru because of surgery. Anyway, I hope that your tests come back ok and that your diarrhea stops soon!


  2. Uhhg. That really stinks. I'm so sorry you're still having issues with this. If it's any consolation, I'm having the exact opposite problem! Bleh

  3. stool samples are the worst! i had to do an one at home, put it in a baggy, and bring it to the doc. talk about gross!