Monday, August 17, 2009

Doing OK

So today makes my 3rd day post-op. My pain is subsiding a little each day. I have tried weaning myself off of the percocet during the day and only taking it at night because it makes me so tired. I have gone to the store with my mom and ran a few errands, which went well.

The only negative I'm having right now is severe diarrhea. I have had no appetite for any protein supplements, but know that I am supposed to be getting 60 gms a day in so I try to get them down. Every time I drink though I end up in the bathroom. I called the hospital today and talked to the nurse practitioner, she said that maybe I had developed an intolerance to whey protein and to try a soy based protein. So off to GNC I went to get a soy based mix. I just drank 8 oz of that and within 5 minutes I was in the bathroom. What the hell is going on with my body?? I'm worried about this and don't feel its normal. Oh well I will keep trying and hopefully it gets better, if not I will be calling the hospital again tomorrow!


  1. You poor thing! Hopefully it goes away soon. Glad to hear your surgery went so well, though.

  2. Congrats on being banded! Yay! I had diarrhea with the protein shakes too and I was fine. I just tried to drink as much water as possible to rehydrate. But I would keep touching base with the hospital to see what they thing, and also depending on how bad it is.

    Feel better!

  3. You poor saus,

    No one tells us of the after effects (well, doctors don't anyway, the rest of us never shut up lol)
    I hope you figure out a way to get that liquid down. It does not sound fun!