Friday, August 14, 2009

on the wagon

Yippeeee it is done and over with! I was banded this mornig and am laying here in the hospital getting ready for bed. I must say I think I am one of the lucky ones, and am not in very much pain. It honestly feels like I did way to many situps lol. Everyone here at the hospital has been great! As of right now the plan is for me to be discharged between 10-11am tomorrow. I will let everyone know of my progress somepoint this weekend. Lots of love and thanks for all of the support! <3


  1. Yayyy!!! Welcome to Bandland darl! So glad to hear you're feeling fine. Just remember be good to yourself and don't push things in these early weeks. Congrats x

  2. Whooohooo! Another BANDit, for August. Can't wait to join you! Will look forward to more posts.