Monday, March 8, 2010

*7th Fill*

I had my 7th fill this morning, I had been going back in forth in my head on whether I wanted to get one or not, but decided to keep my appointment and talk to my np(nurse practitioner) about what she thought. So let me recap how this morning went for you....I get to the clinic sign in, I then remember that my regular np has now transferred to a new hospital and I will be seeing a new one, I get a little anxious. I see the new np come out from an office wearing a mask and run for the elevator...anxiety kicks up a little bit more. I get called in to check my vitals etc., I weigh in at 194.5!! Exactly 10lbs down since my last fill 5 weeks ago....big smiles here! I get settled in the procedure room, the nurse tells me that my np is sick and is going home, and one of the surgeons will be doing my fill. I feel a little bit intimidated by this, but figure it can't be a bad thing. I hop up on the table, and then the np I was supposed to be seeing comes in, mask and all! She said she's going to do a few fills this morning and then head home, this didn't bother me any...I already have a cold and shes wearing a mask, ehh no big deal. Thennnn another women comes in, I guess a np in training? She introduces herself and then starts poking around my tummy, I inform her my port is tilted, and she draws a few marks around where the port is. I lay down, and closed my eyes....surprisingly the np in training goes at me with the needle....she pokes around, and I hear and feel a weird noise, I guess she hit the edge of the port. She gets nervous and pulls the needle out, says she cant' do it, and for the np to. The np sticks the needle in again and slips it right into the spot. phew! I got a .2 fill bringing me to a total 7.2 cc's. I told her about how I am really tight for 2 weeks around my period, and then really loose for the other 2 weeks, she said this was completely normal, and to just be aware of it and to be careful. She was ecstatic about my weight loss, and said I was doing amazing...this made me feel oh so good inside. Then comes the bad part....she says oh wow we just passed your 6 month mark didn't we? I said yup! She goes ooo we must do your 6 month lab work then....BOOOOO! I agree to do it then, take 2 Valiums and head down to the lab. I get the lab paperwork and see there are 13 vials listed! WTF! I hate blood work more then anything! I get teary eyed and head into the booth, I had a nice patient women doing my labs, and she offered to use the 'kid sized' needle, this made me smile. It was done and over with very quickly. I'm excited to see how the labs come out, she did my cholesterol and few other things, so it should be interesting.

So I dont think I mentioned this, but my birthday is coming up in April and Rick wanted to know what I wanted. I told him personal training sessions at the gym. So we called last week, and I asked if the lady we take muscle class with was available for private sessions and she was. I love her, shes hardcore and scary, and I want her to kick my ass lol. So I have 10 half hour sessions that will be starting tomorrow, at 5:45AM!! eeeek! I'm excited and nervous at the same time...I'm not sure what to expect, but at the very least it will get my bum to the gym!


  1. That's awesome about the classes. You'll have to fill us in on how they go.

    I'm glad your fill and blood work didn't wind up being too painful.

  2. 194.5!! That is great, you are doing awesome! I can't wait to hear the results of the labs, good luck.

    Let us know how the training session goes tomorrow! <3

  3. What a great loss! The personal training sessions sound like a wonderful gift!

  4. Okay...see...I have not had any bloodwork done since presurgery! I thought it would happen at my one year but he didnt even mention it. DAMN! I want it done bc I want to make sure everything else is good and I also want to see if things have improved. Maybe I will ask him at support group tomorrow night!

    I am excited about the swimsuit challenge...although I will probably hit another plateau right when we start :)

  5. OOOH great birthday pressie. So glad everything went ok - now you wait for the results (I have a blood test due too - but keep forgetting.. oops)... good luck!

  6. I'm all too familiar with that scraping noise...ick.

    I'm glad it went smoothly though!