Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have a confession...

I just went for an hour long walk @ lunch because it is beautiful out, and along the way I stopped for 2 soft serve ice creams :(

Why do I sabotage myself??

Here was my reasoning...Yesterday and today I brought the same lunch to work: Arnold sandwich thins, deli turkey, low fat swiss and garlic hummus. I toasted the shit out of the bread, and then ate it as an open faced sandwich. Yesterday no problem, today stuck after 2 bites!!

So I didn't really get to eat a lunch, and I was why not get 2 ice creams??

So dumb! It's pretty though, isn't it???


  1. It's because you are hungry. It happens to me too. That is the prettiest ice cream I've ever seen! ...Spriiinnnkkklllleeeeeessss!!!!....

  2. don't beat yourself up my friend. first of all, it appears to be frozen yogurt to me, which is much better for you than ice cream. and you were walking while you were eating it.......burning calories while eating them. great idea. don't beat yourself up though. tomorrow is a new day. just make sure you keep one hand on the wagon throughout the day, that way you don't totally fall off. ;)

  3. Umm...I'd have two of those too if they put that many sprinkles on them! Is that horrible? I'm an enabler. Sorry.

    I do tend to go for slider type foods too when I've gotten stuck cause then after I feel a bit better I'm HUNGRY!

  4. I love rainbow jimmies! :) It does look very pretty...and I am sure it tasted yummy too...I think we all make some blah choices when we are feeling that hunger sometimes...we all do it...I know I do!! =) Later is a new time though!

  5. You have worked hard and you deserved it. Thankfully it's just one "meal" out of many and you can get right back on the wagon. Enjoy!

  6. Go forth and sin no more - he he he - Blogger is such a great place to 'confess' :-)

    Just remember this is a lifestyle and not a diet - and everyone needs a little treat in their lives.

    The trick is not to let the 'slip-ups' turn into binges (which is what I would have done when I was on a diet - you know - "I've wrecked it now so I might as well enjoy myself!").

    BTW - love the sprinkles :-)

  7. It's very pretty, that would SO hit the spot right now :)

  8. i would have skipped the sprinkles and not felt guilty at all. ice cream and walks go together.

  9. I had to make a phone call today so that I wouldn't stop for ice cream on the way home "talk to me so I can't stop and get a chocolate malt" we all have our worries.

  10. Oh you biatch (I say with love)...I am detoxing from ice cream and you go and post this?



    At least you walked for it :) That burns off at least the sprinkles right?

  11. I would have had a hard time resisiting that too so dont feel bad!!!

  12. First, that icecream looks amazing! And secondly, I have this problem. When I get stuck and can't finish my food I look for something easy... like icecream. I think this is one curse of the band! Stay strong!