Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trainer Update

Hello and happy day before the weekend starts! Just wanted to give everyone an update on how the trainer went on Tuesday and life in general. So bright and early Tuesday morning I woke up for my 5:45am training session with Jackie. We talked about what my goals were, and what I waned to achieve through training, I told her about my band and how I wanted to focus on weight loss, and strength training/toning right now. She said she's had another client with the band so is semi familiar with it. She wanted me to do a food log for 3 days so she could see what my daily diet looks like, and see what kind of tweaks/advice she could give me. She also asked me to print out some band nutrition guidelines so she could see what my diet should consist of and what not. The rest of session we worked with resistance bands mostly and did a lot of leg work through lunging and squats, she even told me I was strong! She said next week to expect to do some stair runs, oh boy! I can barely walk legs feel like jello, I don't even want to think about how I'll feel after stair runs!

As far as the food log goes, it's been awhile since I've written down everything I've ate and I'm finding it interesting!! For anyone who's curious I thought I'd show what it looks like....not very impressive lol.

Tuesday- Day after fill, supposed to be on mushies
7:30am- Protein shake, 160 calories, 30g protein
12pm- Chicken enchilada soup, 250 calories, 13g protein
3pm- Sugar Free chocolate mousse, 200 calories, protein unknown
7pm- 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich, 200 calories, 18g protein (pb afterwards)
Total: 810 calories, 61g protein
Exercise: 30 min training, 15 min elliptical

9am- Lg. Mocha iced coffee w/skim milk, 200 calories, 3g protein
10:30am- 1 serving goldfish crackers, 140 calories, 3g protein
1:30pm- Chicken enchilada soup, 250 calories, 13g protein
3pm- Ligh string cheese, 70 calories, 8g protein
3:30pm- 1/2 serving goldfish crackers, 70 calories, 1.5g protein
7pm- 1 slice of pizza, 250 calories, 13g protein (pb afterwards)
7pm- 1 serving of chips, 120 calories, 2g protein
9pm- 2 glasses of red wine, 160 calories
Total: 1260 calories, 43.5g protein

There was quite a difference between Tuesday and Wednesday....I had almost 400 liquid calories Wednesday, what a waste!!! It's so eye opening to see what I really consume and the nutritional value of it. I'm going to give her this log tomorrow, she is having me attend muscle class tomorrow morning, and she said she will look over it this weekend and give me some advice when we meet again Tuesday.

Not much planned for this weekend, I'm going to Dear John tonight (finally)!! Tomorrow I am starting a new part-time job I got this week. I am going to be helping out a friend of mine who is an event manager at a temple in Boston. Whenever she has large events and needs some backup she is going to have me come help, so I guess tomorrow they are having a large function. It's going to be a long day between my real job, and this one, but it will be some good money! Hope everyone is having a good day, talk soon! xoxo


  1. That sounds awesome that she is interested in making your training FOR you! I hope the movie is good. I will probably wait for it to come out on DVD.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I like what your trainer is doing, very nice. Enjoy the movie, I hope it is as good as the book!

  3. Loved the movie! Hope you enjoyed it. So excited to hear how these training sessions work out for you. Isn't it amazing when write things out?? Seriously eye-opening!