Friday, March 5, 2010

Challenge Particpants and Gift idea's *EDITED*

  • Nicole H: Better Banded
  • Linda: Linda's Bandwidth
  • Jennifer: Southern Belle
  • Leslie: Band Sweet Band
  • Tori: The winding road to Parenthood
  • Jennifer W: Jen's Lap-Band Journey
  • Alexis: The Swenson Family
  • Angie: I am in repair
  • Athena: Athena's Melting
  • Amy W: Once Upon A Time...In the Land of Cheese and Sunkist
  • Jen: Life's Little Journey
  • Gilly: Something something something Fat Chick
  • Jen: What you Lookin at Skinny??
  • Jess: The Little Bandit
  • TJ: Metamorphic Journey
  • Yana: Girl meets Band
  • Erika (dirttrackdiva): The 11CC Circuit
  • Colleen: This time I mean it
  • Robin: Robin's Band Theory
  • Kimberly: Diary of a (nearly) content woman
  • Girl Bandit: Ramblings from the Other Side...
  • Jennifer: Shedding My Fluff Puff
  • Gen: I heart the band
  • Kristin: Catchy title here
  • Dawn B: What I weighed in high school....
  • Amy: Babbles of a Bandster
  • Kathi: Don't look back
  • Jennifer: jenfromthrburgh3
  • Stardustic: My Life in Lap-Band-Land
  • Melissa: Rockin with the Band
  • Breanne: Lady Lap Band
  • Camille: Living large in C.C
  • Sarah: Loosing Weight, Gaining Tons
  • Aimee: The Fat Theory
  • Jacquie: The formerly a fat girl blog

So here we have it girls...a whopping 35 of you responded to my challenge, that is AMAZING! Don't fret, if your name isn't on this list it isn't too late to join...just leave me a comment!

I cannot wait to get this started, it's going to be a blast. We had a few different comments on what we should do for a prize 1) Set up a paypal account, each of us chip in $5 and the winner will get a gift cert. for a bathing suit (store example was Athleta, because I believe you can use their gift certs. at old navy, gap, banana republic as well as athleta) 2) idea was a trophy icon to post on your blog. I think we should do BOTH of these ideas!!! We also had some concern from people that they wanted to join, but didn't want to pay because they didn't feel they could win. Well, the only thing I can think of is, that shouldn't be a problem, if you don't pay you just won't be eligible for the gift cert. but can still get the trophy icon!!

My fiance and I already have a paypal account set up, so if no one minds we can just use that one. We don't need to start paying just yet, I will give the information once the date gets closer. All I ask if that if you are going to participate for the gift cert. you pay by the end of the first week, so that it is fair.

I hope all of this makes sense, if it doesn't please tell me! It is my first time hosting a challenge so I want to make this as easy and clear for everyone as possible! This should be a fun and exciting thing, not stressful! Happy Friday, hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


  1. That all sounds great to me! This should be super fun!

  2. 24 peeps, and at 5 bucks each - that is not a bad prize/swimsuit! I'm excited to do this as well - wish it would start earlier!

  3. Hi Kristen-

    Can you count me in too & make it 25 peeps?


  4. Of course Dawn- considered yourself counted!!

  5. Sounds perfect!! I'm in for the 5 bucks.

  6. ME ME ME ME! I wanna play! Thanks for doing this...

  7. Awesome! Because with all my belly dancing, I am going to kick all your shrinking butts! Ha ha! :P

  8. Yay, this will be fun! I'm in for the five bucks too. You'll post the rules again before we start, right? Thanks so much for coordinating this!

  9. Ohhh, I've been MIA lately and would like to throw in also. I love a good challenge! $5 is a great idea and I love gift cards..hope I win!

  10. Ok, I gotta ask, do any of those stores have clothes for plus sized women? Just wondering as I'd hate to get it then find out they only carry up to size 16 or something.


  11. Sounds great to me! The only thing I might suggest is to keep the gift cert generic and not for a specific store. Maybe we could do a visa gift card or something like that. That way if those stores don't carry someone's size or the person isn't near one they can still benefit.

  12. Do you have to have a blog to join? I don't have one but love following all of you. You are all an inspiration!!! I was banded in October and started off strong but then threw my back out and have been stuck the past couple of months. I am just getting back on track.

  13. award time...come see my blog!

  14. I'm so very excited about this! I think it's perfect to do the gift card and blog trophy!

  15. Love it. Maybe we can say your choice - either a gift cert to Athleta/Old Navy/Gap or any other store of your choice? They do have plus sized bathing suits at Old Navy and some at Athleta. Actually tons of cute stuff in both places (online) for over size 16!

    Good luck everyone! I am not competitive but I like anything with a fun vibe like this!

  16. I would also like to join in on the challenge. Please add me to the list. :-)

  17. I know I have been MIA lately but count me in girlie :)

  18. Hey sweetie!!! Sorry work is so busy I cant get online all day and then I really dont get back on the computer once I get home bc I was just on it all day so needless to say I have not read many blogs lately!!! So I am totally in I cant wait for the 28th! yay! So what on the 28th email you our starting weights with a pic of the scale???

  19. Hey! Count me in. I'll be 4 days post banding when the challenge starts!!!

  20. Is it too late to join in???? Either post on my blog or email me at and let me know! Thanks...

  21. I just landed on your blog and I love it! I would love to be included in this challenge. We will be going by percentage lost, not pounds, correct? This makes a big difference as I am 10 months post op and nearing goal (25 pounds away) and now I'm losing much slower. I need something to keep me on track!