Saturday, December 19, 2009

5th Fill and Xmas Goal!

Morning Everyone and Happy Saturday!

So I had my 5th fill yesterday, and it went well! I got .5cc bringing me to a total 6.5cc's. I'm feeling pretty good after this one. I have decided to stick to a liquid diet like I am supposed to for a full 24hrs, I usually sneak food in, but I want to be good this time! When I weighed in yesterday morning I was 207, which was my goal for my fill, but when I got to the dr.'s @ 4pm I was 209 :( making it a 6lb loss since my last fill a month ago. Not too bad, and I know it was just water weight throughout the day. Best part is, this morning when I woke up I was 205!! OMG I am soooo freakin close to onederland I can taste it. 205 was also my goal to be at for Christmas, so I really want to try and maintain it. I am down 43lbs total and feeling great!

I'm going to head out to the mall in a few minutes and do some last minute xmas shopping, it's probably going to be a zoo there! We have a huge snow storm coming in tonight and tomorrow, they said maybe a foot!! eeek!

At work, my company gives us a Christmas bonus of having 12/23-1/4 off paid, so I'm really looking forward to that. Rick and I are heading to my parents home in Maine on Wednesday morning and staying there till Christmas's morning, then heading back to Mass. to spend Christmas day with his family. It's going to be a busy week, but I can't wait to see everyone!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far. xoxo


  1. Congrats on hitting your goal! I have no doubt you'll be in onederland in no time!

    Safe travels,


  2. Wow, I hadn't seen a recent post re: your weight. You are so freaking close to wonderland (not tp out pressure on!). You go girl!!!

    I hope you guys only get a light dusting of snow. Nothing more than that!

  3. Great on hitting your weight loss goal for Christmas! I'm sure you will be in onederland really soon!!

    Have a great time in Maine.

    Happy Holidays

  4. Yea!!! I'm glad you're so close and are hitting all these goals (I count the 207 hit for the doctor as part of that since you were there before the apt!)!!!

  5. way to go baby girl, making me proud!