Monday, December 14, 2009

When the dog bites....My 10 favorites!

I saw Alexis's post earlier today and it got me really excited. I think this is a great way to get to know one another a little bit more, and also to get healthy and beauty ideas from people who use the products first hand. I think the best thing I learned from her post is the Dior Mascara, I have heard nothing but great things about this product and can't wait to try it!

1. Premier Protein shakes from Costco. They have 30g protein in only 160 cal, and are the best tasting shake I have found.

2. Tootsie Rolls: I love these things. They satisfy my sweet craving and I can have 6 minis for 140 calories, 3 gms of fat.

3. Camel Back Water Bottle This is my favorite water bottle, I have the classic style top since my dr. doesn't recommend straws. It holds 24 oz of water and I try to drink 2 full bottles throughout my work day. 4. Menage y tros red wine This is one of my favorite red wines. I buy it @ costco for $10 and it is delish. The name makes me smile too :) 5. Crocs: Working in the city I have to have comfortable walking shoes. These are my favorite for the fall time, they keep my feet comfy and warm. 6. Chobani Greek Yogurt: This is my breakfast every morning. I prefer the strawberry flavored, it has 140 calories and 14 gm of protein. Yum Yum.

7. String Cheese: I like the Stringsters reduced fat mozzarella, which have 4gms of fat, 70 calories, and 8gms of protein!

8. Coach Bunny Keychain: I got this keychain for my birthday, and it was my favorite present. It's like I have a little piece of my babies with me at all times.

9. MAC tinted Lip Glass in Nymphette : This is a really versatile shade, I always get compliments when I wear it. You can buy it at any department store for around $14.

10. Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. A grande size, skim milk. no whip has 130 calories, and 12 gms of protein.


  1. I am really digging everybody's lists!!

  2. LOVE your list and answers. Cute little bunny! Wish we had a Starbucks here .. sigh .. I would love to try one of these great coffees everyone talks about.

  3. You have to try the DiorShow mascara! It is a little on the pricey side so definitely a splurge, but I love it! I actually just bought another tube yesterday :)

    I need to head to a health food store or something to find some greek yogurt. Everyone raves about it, but its hard to find in the store I shop at. Maybe I'll take a little lunch time jaunt over to Whole Foods today and check it out. We love us our protein!

  4. Oooh I want that mascara, too!

    Okay can you believe we still don't have proper Greek yogurt in Canada? WTF? WHY? Why? WHY are you doing this to me Canada?

    I am always reading on US/UK/Aussie blogs about thier delicious greek yogurt snacks. And when I lived in Greece I ate it all the time with honey. I'm from NY originally but I didn't have it then. Now I feel deprived.

    Hmmm. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Please have a bit of greek yogurt for me at your breakfast tomorrow!


  5. Hey!! I agree 100% on the Camelbak water bottle! I am looking at mine right now! I am one who likes to use the drink mixes in my h20, and I have found that the on the go packages in the recomender 16 oz of water is just too strong for me... Do I put them in my 24oz bottle, and it is PERFECT!! Right now I am drinking between 2 and 3 bottles a day. I <3 my camelbak!!
    (PS- I am in your area! Where did you get your surgery? I am looking at Tufts...)

  6. I had no idea that any starbucks coffee had that much protein! crazy! will have to try one! i always go for the mocha but there's not much salvation in that.