Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6.5CC's is doing the trick!

I had my 5th fill last Friday and got another .5CC's bringing me to a total of 6.5CC's in a 10CC band. I think I am pretty damn close to my sweet spot!! I can no longer eat bread or pasta without getting sick, and I think I am OK with that. Don't get me wrong, I love bread and pasta, but I think it will really help with my weight loss if I give them up. Also if I really want one or the other, then I'll have a little bit and just deal with being sick, its not the end of the world! I have gotten pretty clever at being sick and taking care of it.

Funny story, this weekend Rick and I went to costco and we were both starving so decided to get something at the food window thing...normally I would have gotten a giant slice of pizza or HUGE hot dog, but decided to get a turkey wrap instead. BAD IDEA, this is how I found out bread is now a no-no. After 2 bites, out it came...Rick grabbed me a ton of napkins and I took care of it, or so I thought. We got up and started to walk around the store, and all of a sudden I felt a big lump in my throat, I had nothing to spit into, I covered my mouth with my sleeve, but it wasn't enough...I throw up those 2 bites of sandwich all over the aisle! Eeeek, Rick was mortified we didn't know what to do! I found a roll of paper towels and quickly tried to clean up my mess, and then we had to leave because I looked like a HOT MESS!


  1. Ahhhh! I had what sounds like the almost exact same incident at Costco too! That happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. Spit up ALL OVER myself in the middle of an aisle! It was the damn samples that they give away that got to me!

    Sadly, I'm sure that won't be our last embarrassing story!!!

    Glad that you feel you are getting to your sweet spot. Such a nice feeling!

  2. Oh it is so nice to have men who love us. Tracey has double bagged barf/PB bags for me before. Yes, once I hit my sweet spot pasta was for sure a no-go. At first it would go down and I could be fine for like 30 minutes...but i think it sits there and expands...and then bad things happen. I can still nibble little bits of bread now and then.

  3. Oh what a bummer....thank goodness Rick was there for you. It sounds like your band is definitely working for you.

  4. Ouch, sounds like my experience with the fish from the fish and chips - but I was in a park (whew - open space) and not an aisle. Poor you.. sounds awful (but go the men who look after us - what would we do without them.) Enjoy that restriction for all you're worth, darl and you and Rick have a lovely, lovely Christmas.
    Cara xxx

  5. I can only hope that "when" this happens to me, that my DH will do the same for me!! I know he will, he is a great guy in that way too.

    Glad to hear that you are happy with your restriction! I am getting my 1st fill on Monday & hopefully it helps me.

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!