Monday, December 14, 2009

I have no control :(

I am so mad at myself right now....We got a gift basket delivered to the office and it had a 'cookie tower' in it....Guess who ate 5 Cookies?? This Girl! GRRRRR who does that?? Why couldn't I just had 1, maybe 2 and been satisfied?? Nooooo, I had to try every single one!

I was off to such a good start today too. I went to the gym and did Day 2 of C25K and was feeling good! I had WW Soup for lunch, then the stupid delivery came!

Tomorrow's a new day.....


  1. OK, that sucks that you are unhappy about how many cookies you ate. BUT...there are two things you can do
    1. calculate the calories in the cookies, and adjust the rest of your eating today to reflect that.
    2. Realize that even though you ate the cookies and they were x calories, that is probably much less than you might've eaten before the band. Forgive yourself. Move along, and make good choices. Don't stay upset!

  2. I totally agree with Yana!! This time of the year when everyone brings in goodies is the toughest time of the year in my opinion. So, like Yana said, either count in the calories & stay within your daily amount, or forgive yourself & move on. Tomorrow is another day! :)

    Happy Holidays

  3. Don't beat yourself up! "Who does that?" you ask? We all do. Even skinny people when it comes to a big thing of Christmas cookies. I say just get through the holidays and you'll be fine. Good luck!


  4. Thanks for the comments guys...I took your advice and looked up the nutritional info...not good!

    1 cookie had 17gms of fat and 300 calories and the other 4 had 6gms of fat and 80 calories each...Grand Total: 33gms of fat and 620 calories. OUCH!

    I'm just going to write it off, forgive myself and be better the rest of the week. I realize it happens to the best of us, I just got discouraged because I've been reading how strong everyone has been, and I felt so weak. xoxo

  5. It happens to all of us, the band works on the body not the mind, (unfortunatly). Try not to be too hard on yourself, keep up on the couch to 5K!

  6. Ack!! Christmas food is SO hard to resist.. but don't stress too much - look at it this way: you could have had 10 cookies but you didn't and you had exercised that day so it probably discounted whatever you ate. Or maybe adjust the rest of the day eating patterns to allow for them. Either way you're on top. You're doing so well, don't let a little blip discourage you.