Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All for you Alexis!

I saw these today and immediately thought of you and your Jacob plate! So freakin cute!

Update on Sisterhood: I still have a bunch of stuff if anyone is still interested. I plan on doing a massive shipment on Friday, so let me know! Bandita Senorita, I need your addy!
I have my 5th fill on Friday morning, I weighed in at 204.1 this morning, I'm hoping to be 203 on Friday (fingers crossed). That would only be a 6lb loss in 6 weeks, but I figure since I gained and lost 6lbs from the holidays it's really like I lost 12...right? whatever makes me feel better! I'm thinking that after doing my post-fill diet, it might bring me to onderland?? maybe?? That would be incredible! I'm really confused on what to do Friday, I'm hoping my nurse pract. might have some advice. I don't know if I should go with a .5 or .25 fill. I PB about once every other day, (usually my own fault from eating too fast or the wrong things) but I also get really hungry in between meals. I am at 6cc's as of right now, and feel like I am at a really hard place, I feel so close, yet far from my sweet spot. I can no longer eat pasta, and I can eat bread in moderation. Hmmm any advice?
Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday!!


  1. Oh Snap! I love them! You know I'm so going to be searching for those! Ha! :)

  2. Hoping you get the fill you want!

    Love you nail polish xo

  3. I hope that fill gets you to the place we all dream of. I also love your nails. The color is great!

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  5. hey read my post about my fill and what not...i just did it!!!

  6. haha its only because i have like LIVED at lahey since october being there every other week basically. I think you are feeling more than me at 6 so hopefully i can feel something at 6.5 bc i am getting frustrated!!!